The Top 5 Hotel Bathrooms

By Antonia

13th Sep 2021

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Victorian Plumbing take a look at the top 5 hotel bathrooms and offer tips on how you can recreate the look at home.

The Top 5 Hotel Bathrooms

For most, hotels are a luxury escape from everyday life, a place where you can switch off and relax entirely in peace and quiet.

Hotel bathrooms can be overlooked in regards to their impact on your hotel experience. They are chic, luxurious, and radiate a feel-good effect, which is often why customers return.

Regardless of your space, there are easy ways to create a 5 star feeling, without spending a fortune. Our top 5 hotel bathrooms consist of different layouts and features, but all ooze impressive designs for a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

The Top 5 Hotel Bathrooms


1. Mondrian Doha Hotel

Mondrian Doha
Mondrian Doha Hotel Luxury Bathoom

Although this hotel is a plane journey away and looks like something only found in magazines, Mondrian Doha’s bathroom designs are sophisticated yet simple to recreate.

Walk-in Showers

Mondrian Doha understands the endless benefits that a walk-in shower has to offer and therefore incorporates them within each of their luxury bathrooms. Walk-ins sit pleasantly within modern or traditional bathroom styles and enable users more space, thanks to their easy access designs. They wipe out the need for mouldy shower curtains and eliminate the effort which is normally required when stepping in and out of a shower - ideal for children or people with disabilities.

Nova Wet Room Screen
Nova Wet Room Screen

The transparent glass structure reflects light across the room, creating the illusion of more space, and helps to maintain tidiness as everything is on show. The Nova Wet Room Screen is available in many sizes to fit accordingly with your bathroom’s dimensions and chosen style.

A walk-in shower can include the same tiling throughout the walls and flooring to establish a harmonious look that is very easy to clean!

Illuminated Mirrors

Mondrian Doha equips their bathrooms with illuminated mirrors. These don’t just look the part, they’re elegant yet super practical too and feature high-tech elements.

Illuminated mirrors give the illusion of more space thanks to their radiant LED lighting. If your bathroom is in need of a modern touch, the Hudson Reed Prisma LED Mirror is an optimal choice. It boasts a touch sensor and de-mister pad features, not to mention a built-in digital clock and Bluetooth technology - this allows you to listen to your favourite songs whilst shaving or brushing your teeth! This will immediately add practicality and a great deal of glamour to your space.

Hudson Reed Prisma 800mm Bluetooth LED touch Sensor Mirror
Hudson Reed Prisma 800mm Bluetooth LED touch Sensor Mirror with Clock & Demister Pad

Chrome Fittings

From bath taps to showerheads, Mondrian Doha incorporates practical yet attractive chrome features within their bathrooms. Chrome is a popular finish due to its neutral, mirror-like finish and easy clean essence. It effortlessly complements and coordinates with all colour schemes and is an ideal selection that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Chrome creates the illusion of more space thanks to its reflective finish, so why not add a sparkling touch to your bathroom?

2. The Hotel Cafe Royal

Cafe Royal Hotel Luxury Bathroom
Cafe Royal Hotel Luxury Bathroom

Hotel Cafe Royal is famous for its extravagant interior which, over the years, has attracted famous faces, such as Winston Churchill and Liz Taylor. Bathrooms involve modern shapes and luxurious designs to implement a calm aura within its busy London location.

Adding Stone

Bathrooms within Cafe Royal are no less luxurious than the rest of its interior. The natural pattern of stone complements other bathroom accessories and gives the illusion of more space thanks to the light-coloured, reflective tones.


Large stone tiles are often used within kitchens, however, it works very well within bathrooms too, due to its long-wearing and clean-cut surface. The Esta White Stone Effect Tiles produce a similar look to Cafe Royal Bathrooms. They’re suitable for contemporary or traditional spaces and the textured, matt finish will establish a natural feel in the room.

By opting for materials that combine practicality and style, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom looking like new for years to come. If you’re not ready to redo your shower or flooring, a basin is a great start to incorporate stone to accomplish a modern, clean space.

Brass Features

Cafe Royal completes their bathrooms with brass features. Brass is known to be one of the industry’s standard materials and a rising favourite thanks to its durability and adaptability. It has rich undertones (including green, brown, and red), so can really warm up your space if you’ve gone for cool tones. Having the power to balance colours proves brass is a versatile and ingenious addition to any style of bathroom.

Arezzo Brushed Brass Basin Waste and Bottle Trap
Arezzo Brushed Brass Basin Waste and Bottle Trap

As many of us don’t have the facilities (or money) to incorporate hefty brass doors like Cafe Royal, you can accomplish the same charming effect by adding the Arezzo Brushed Brass Basin Waste and Bottle Trap to your basin.


3. Gleneagles

Gleneagles Hotel Traditional Style Bathroom
Gleneagles Hotel Traditional Style Bathroom

The Gleneagles Hotel celebrates Scottish luxury at its best. Their classical bathrooms provide extravagant details that fit with the traditional tone of the hotel.

Freestanding Bath

A freestanding bath creates a statement and becomes the centrepiece of a bathroom thanks to its swanky yet practical design. Gleneagles understand that freestanding baths can make your room look bigger - thanks to the open area underneath the bath. They show off more tiles and offer flexibility as they can be placed anywhere, unlike regular baths that must be installed directly to the wall and floor.

Astoria Roll Top Slipper Bath with Chrome Claw Leg Set
Astoria Roll Top Slipper Bath with Chrome Claw Leg Set

Gleneagles have selected different styles of tubs to match the decor of each room, giving customers a truly exclusive and unique experience. You too can do the same, this Astoria Roll Top Slipper Bath with Chrome Claw Leg Set is a popular pick. Make the look complete with timeless traditional-style freestanding bath taps for an elegant and charming finish.

Heated Towel Rail

A heated towel rail is a popular feature often found within luxury bathrooms. Gleneagles incorporate heated towel rails of a traditional style which add to the historic aura of the hotel. They coordinate perfectly with their freestanding bath taps and are available in all shapes and sizes to match your bathroom characteristics.

A towel rail declutters your space by acting as an attractive storage component. However, heated towel rails aren’t just pleasing to the eye, they’re very practical too- providing warmth and maintaining hygiene. Drying your towel after use decreases the chance of damp growth and is particularly beneficial in humid climates where towels may not dry effectively.

Chatsworth Traditional Chrome Towel Rail
Chatsworth Traditional Chrome Towel Rail

Cozy, warm towels can sit gracefully at your disposal, ready for when you step out of the bath or shower - a true pampering experience you can enjoy every day at home.


4. Alila Jabal Akhdar

Alila Jabal Akhdar
Alila Jabal Akhdar Hotel offers a variety of textures and materials within their Bathrooms

Countertop Basin

Countertop basins sit comfortably within the neutral space of Alila Jabal Akhdar bathrooms. They can be placed anywhere on the counter and at a height suitable to you, ideal if you have specific plumbing requirements! They also take up less room than a pedestal or wall-hung basin and allow storage space below and around the countertop.

Costa Counter Top Basin - Oval
Costa Counter Top Basin - Oval

A countertop basin is a quick and easy step to introduce bliss to your bathroom. They’re available in many shapes and sizes to coordinate with your style and can act as a focal point thanks their unique and elegant structure.

Ambient Lighting

Adding a sense of luxury can be done without redesigning or renovating your entire bathroom. Alila Jabal Akhdar radiates a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere by interpreting neutral tones and textures, with the help of effective lighting.

Matt black wall-hung lights hover beside each mirror, forming a balanced and aesthetically pleasing display. Symmetrical bathrooms provide order and calmness, giving you more space and freedom to introduce other bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Revive Outdoor Matt Black Frame Wall Light
Revive Outdoor Matt Black Frame Wall Light

For maximum comfort, Alila Jabal Akhdar incorporates warm, amber lighting which provides a sense of sanctuary. The placement and colour of lighting are important aspects to establish a welcoming and peaceful ambiance within a bathroom.

Dimmable lighting is also rising in popularity. It offers a personalised experience as brightness can be altered to suit your mood and bathroom design. Dimmable lighting also saves electrical energy and wipes out harsh glares in the morning or late at night.

Black Fittings

Attention to detail can really impact the overall character of your bathroom and selecting optimal finishes and fittings can provide the ultimate luxury feel. Alila Jabal Akhdar’s use of matt black fixtures works well in the neutral space and subtly complements the stone and wood textures. This creates an industrial vibe - a unique and contemporary look that won’t date.

Unlike chrome, black fittings disguise fingerprints and give the illusion of more space. It initiates an eye-catching contrast against lighter colours and sophisticates existing features.

Arezzo Round Matt Black Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap
Arezzo Round Matt Black Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap

5. The Mandrake Hotel

The Mandrake Hotel
The Mandrake Hotel Offers Extravagant Bathrooms

The Mandrake Hotel aims for its customers to enter a different state of mind when staying with them. Each room includes a unique piece of art for maximum exclusivity. This provides a luxury experience for customers to embrace.

Double Vanity Units

Mandrake hotel bathrooms consist of double basins which sit neatly on top of a vanity unit. These are known to be called double vanity units which can become a stand-out feature within your bathroom, regardless if you’ve gone for a contemporary or traditional style.

Double vanity units aren’t just aesthetically pleasing with their grand presence. The extra counter space is practical and improves organisation to make everyday grooming more enjoyable and efficient. They help keep on top of clutter and are an ideal choice for busy couples, as more personal space will reduce stress when getting ready in the mornings.

Double vanities offer a sense of paradise and a feeling of royalty and sophistication, so if having your own basin is not luxury... then what is?

Chatsworth Traditional Graphite Double Basin Vanity + Cupboard Combination Unit
Chatsworth Traditional Graphite Double Basin Vanity + Cupboard Combination Unit

Dark Colours

For ultimate intimacy, Mandrake bathrooms are complete with dark tones. They draw customers’ eyes to bright areas of the room for a stylish and dramatic atmosphere.

A contrasting look instantly adds depth to the room and makes metal features stand out. As discussed, ambient lighting can play a big factor in your bathroom, and there’s no better place to create comfort than in a darker room.

Add splashes of gold or bronze for the full luxury effect.

If you enjoyed our tips on how to incorporate a luxury hotel bathroom feel in your own space, check out the Victorian Plumbing blog for more bathroom ideas and inspiration.



Antonia is one of our in-house bathroom design experts. From style guides on all the latest trends to handy step-by-step DIY tips, you'll find her insightful writing here on the Victorian Plumbing blog.

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