The Story Of The Green Button: Our Latest TV Advert

By Alan

25th Oct 2017

4 mins read

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Our latest television advert is the story of the Green Button. Here we explain the story behind this brand new TV ad for October 2017 and give you front row seats to view it.

The story of the green button - Victorian Plumbing October 2017 TV Ad

Here at VP, we're super excited to announce the launch of our brand new TV advert... The story of the Green Button.

The advert launched on 24th October 2017. It featured across multiple TV channels and even made an appearance during the ad break of this year's Great British Bake Off semi-final.

Our brand new ad launch introduces two new characters, Victor and Ian, two heroic warehouse drivers who help tell the story of the Green Button. Victor, being the experienced warehouse aficionado, is reluctant to give Ian, the newbie, his first press of the big green button.

Victor and Ian talking | The Story Of The Green Button
Victor and Ian talking about catchy slogans | The Story Of The Green Button

As Victor runs through some ideas for a catchy new bathroom slogan, Ian is overcome by the power of the Green Button and almost presses it before Victor quickly catches him. At this point, newbie Ian nervously responds with a catchy phrase which Victor cannot ignore. Pleasantly surprised by Ian's suggestion, he rewards him with his first ever press of the Green Button.

Ian attracted to the green button | The Story Of The Green Button
Ian attracted to the green button | The Story Of The Green Button

Watch the ad to find out what happens!

Victor lets Ian press the green button | The Story Of The Green Button
Victor lets Ian press the green button | The Story Of The Green Button

This latest creative will continue to run until January 2019 and will embrace several variations; especially revolving around the Christmas period so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

The new ad sees us continue our long and successful relationship with Wetherall Evans who have once again produced and directed this live action telly ad. You may remember them from our earlier TV ads as they're formerly known as Blac Ionica.

Senior Marketing Manager, Joe Pascoe revealed “The team at Victorian Plumbing are really excited about our return to TV with the Green Button story. We’ve had an extremely successful summer, with our sponsorships of C4's Place In The Sun as well as Friends on Comedy Central driving high levels of awareness and engagement with the brand. Today we’re building on that success with a brand new TV ad and huge nation-wide launch of our new creative."

He continued to explain "Brand awareness of Victorian Plumbing is at it’s highest ever - all thanks to the team’s creative thinking and willingness to test, experiment and explore new channels and opportunities to reach a new audience. We’re already working on our next big project, and we’ll be launching some exciting partnerships in the coming weeks. The advert signals an end to the company’s previous Flying Vans TV ads, although one of them does make a small appearance in one of the new ads and who knows what may come in the near future.”



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