The Making Of Our TV Advert

By Rob

29th Sep 2014

3 mins read

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Join us as we take you behind the scenes of the creation of our debut TV advert....

The Making Of Our TV Advert

By now we’re sure that you will have spotted our new TV advert at some point. Well, following on from our blog explaining what the ad was all about, we thought we’d treat you all to an exclusive look at what happened behind the scenes, and detail just how everything managed to get transformed from ideas on a few pieces of paper into a stunning reality.

The first stage of the process was to find a quality creative agency that would produce a great idea to work with. Luckily Manchester based One Marketing Communications came up with a fantastic idea titled ‘Proud’ which perfectly fitted our brief of focusing on our high TrustPilot score and the brilliant relationship we have with our customers.

Joe Pascoe, Marketing Manager at Victorian Plumbing, said: “We began working on ‘Proud’ back in early summer; when our creative agency came back to us with a fantastic concept which captured all of our goals, we knew we had it. The advert was created in Chief Production’s Longhouse Studios and the director Marc Ingham captured everything we needed in one day of filming.”

With the basic concept finalised, we then had the task of actually filming the thing, which involves a lot more work than you might think. If you were wondering where we found the amazing houses we filmed those fabulous bathrooms in, we’re sorry to shatter the illusion but it was all actually shot in a massive studio in Manchester! While that reality might sound slightly less glamorous to you, rest assured that a huge amount of effort was needed before our creation hit TV screens nationwide as there were little things such as casting and product selection to think about…

We had to make a decision on every aspect of the décor and each item we used to make sure that a broad enough range was showcased. We had to choose products which would cater to the tastes and requirements of all of our customers, which is why a stunning selection of both modern and traditional pieces can be seen. Addressing this balance was quite difficult at times but we got there in the end.

When it came to casting, we decided to use people which covered three of our most popular customer areas; a family, a young couple and an older couple. We selected who we wanted to star in our ad and then let them do their thing…we happen to think our choices did us very proud indeed!

Joe reflects on this: “We were really excited to see the ideas come to life on the day, from the creation of the three bathroom sets to seeing the wonderful acting artists bring the family characters to life. It was a long day of filming, but everyone at Victorian Plumbing agrees the hard work was worthwhile.”

Now that you know what went on behind the scenes, we’ll leave you with one more thing so you can get a real idea of the scale of the work involved; a cool time-lapse video of the traditional bathroom set being constructed.


Until next time!

Rob, Victorian Plumbing



Rob is part of the resident bathroom bloggers team here at Victorian Plumbing. Rob loves writing in depth bathroom buying guides and is renowned for his expert 'how to' step-by-step DIY guides. He can also be found posting about the latest bathroom trends and ideas and also hunting out bargains and savings for our customers.

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