The Biggest Benefits of Wall Hung Toilets

1st Jan 2018

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Whether you're planning a renovation or just want to upgrade, a quality wall hung toilet could work wonders on your space.

Wall Hung Toilets

These unique alternatives to standard close coupled and back to wall toilets have really taken off in recent years, quickly becoming the go-to option for those creating high-end contemporary bathrooms.

But it’s not just about style. There are a whole host of additional benefits that come with opting for a sleek floating toilet.

So, with this in mind, we put together this short guide to what wall hung toilets are and why you’ll want one. We’ve even included a few recommendations of our favourite GROHE wall hung toilets to inspire you into taking the plunge.

What Is A Wall Hung Toilet?

As the name suggests, wall hung toilets are toilets that have pans that are mounted to the wall.

Instead of having a toilet cistern or unit with a pan attached to the floor, most of the toilet’s mechanisms and plumbing are hidden in the wall behind the toilet - with the pan mounted at a suitable height from the floor.

This has led to them being nicknamed “floating toilets” as the toilet pan is usually the only thing left on show.

They're usually mounted through the use of cistern frames. These clever frames allow you to route the water supply and waste of your toilet discreetly within the wall.

More often than not, a wall hung toilet frame will also include the toilet controls, in the form of either a flush plate, a push-button or a traditional flush handle.

The GROHE wall hung toilet frame pictured below is an excellent example, with its powder-coated steel frame and beautiful Skate Cosmopolitan flush plate. The GROHE Rapid SL 0.82m Frame package even comes with a high-grade vitreous china pan complete with a Duroplast seat.

It's important to note that installing a wall hung toilet isn’t a straightforward DIY job. It will require you to create a chamber in the wall that you plan to mount it to in order to conceal all of your plumbing and fit the cistern frame. If this sounds like a job that's a little out of your depth, you should certainly hire a professional to do the job for you.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Wall Hung Toilet

So, now you know what they are, why would you opt for one over a simple standard toilet?

We’ve tallied up all the benefits below and think you’ll be surprised at just how beneficial going for one could be!

Space-Saving Designs - Wall hung toilets are ideal for compact bathrooms and ensuites thanks to their space-saving capabilities. Unlike with the bulky cisterns and unsightly plumbing of standard toilets, you won’t have to sacrifice any precious floor space to install a wall hung toilet. They can even work their magic to make certain areas feel more open and spacious than they actually are.

Easy to Clean - All that lovely floor space that you’ve freed up will make it much easier to clean the floor beneath your toilet. One of the main gripes of standard toilets is the hard work it takes to get into and all the nooks and crannies of their cisterns. With a wall hung toilet, it’s as simple as can be. Some GROHE wall hung toilets even boast rimless pans; making them even easier to keep sparklingly clean.

Hidden Pipework - It’s not just the floor that looks tidier! You’ll also be able to hide all of that unsightly pipework in the wall behind your toilet to provide your bathroom with a clean and clear look. Why not make use of that extra unobstructed wall space to create a glorious feature wall?

Ultra-Modern Looks - Though we briefly touched upon the style benefits above, we thought it best to stress just how impressive these floating toilets look. They’re particularly suited to modern and minimalist bathrooms, with their seamless designs providing an almost futuristic look.

What About the Cons?

As enticing as they are, wall hung toilets do have some minor drawbacks.

The main thing that puts people off is that they are certainly more difficult to install than regular floor-mounted toilets. The process can be a tricky and time-consuming one, especially if your plumbing needs to be rerouted.

Additionally, their concealed designs can make it more difficult for plumbers to access cisterns for repairs - making them slightly less practical than the alternatives if yours should break.

Our Recommended Wall Hung Toilets for Ultra-Stylish Spaces

The GROHE Euro Rimless Wall Hung Toilet - Our pick for those wanting to free up some floor space, the GROHE Euro is a modest and low-profile wall hung toilet that sports a curved contemporary design.

The headline feature of this GROHE wall hung toilet, though, is its rimless bowl. The lack of a traditional toilet rim makes the inside of the toilet more hygienic and easier to clean; with no hard-to-reach crevices in which mould and bacteria would usually thrive.

The GROHE Sensia Arena Wall Hung Smart Toilet - When it comes to wall hung toilets, the GROHE Sensia Arena represents the absolute height of luxury. Its bright alpine white pan features GROHE’s antibacterial glazing and non-stick ceramic coating - making one of the most hygienic and easy-to-clean toilets on the market.

However, this isn’t just a wall hung toilet; it's a smart toilet too. This exemplary GROHE wall hung toilet boasts a huge number of smart features such as spray arms for intimate cleaning, a warm air dryer, a night light, and an automatic open/close feature. It can even be controlled via a mobile phone app!

The GROHE Cube Ceramic Rimless Wall Hung Toilet - Another eye-catching rimless option, the GROHE Cube is a ceramic wall hung toilet with a uniquely angular look. The highly modern design makes it our pick for those wanting to make an impact.

Like the previously mentioned GROHE wall hung toilets, the GROHE Cube is featured-packed, too. The sharp unit has tonnes of functionality, such as a triple vortex flushing system that ensures the entire pan is rinsed thoroughly with every flush.

Found our guide to the benefits of wall hung toilets helpful? Why not explore our wider range of quality GROHE toilets and sinks. For even more bathroom inspiration and ideas, stay with us here on the Victorian Plumbing blog.

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