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By Rob

14th Feb 2014

3 mins read

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Give your bathroom a breath-taking look with an ultra-modern appearance.

Grey tiled modern minimalist bathroom

One of the most effective ways to transform your bathroom into a beautiful setting you can really be proud of is to create an ultra-modern appearance. To achieve this, your décor needs to be tasteful and minimalist, and the whole room needs to have an understated, designer feel to it. If you want a showroom look that’s right on trend, this is the style for you. Here are some of the key areas to think about:

Colour schemes

Colour is a very important part of any bathroom, but it is essential if you want your ultra-modern bathroom to have the desired effect. The best options here are neutral shades of brown, grey, cream and white, as these hues don’t dominate the surroundings, instead they work with them, adding to the presence of your selected fittings and furnishings.

It is a good idea to select a couple of colours that sit well together, such as white and brown, and use them to highlight various aspects of the room, achieving a look that is pleasing on the eye. Using either single colour or mosaic tiles conjures up a great look that adds to the modern theme. Woods are also popular with contemporary bathrooms as they can have a sleek, tailored aura when used in the right way. Wooden floors work very well, and wooden panelling on walls can improve the visuals no end.

What fixtures

Choosing the correct fixtures to fill your modern bathroom with can be tricky, however there are some fantastic products out there that cater to this specific market. A great starting point would be to consider a natural stone bathtub. These baths are beautifully sculpted, and the simplistic nature of their design makes them perfectly suited to contemporary environments. Adding one will provide an unbeatable centrepiece that will look fabulous.

Alternatively, a shower tower combined with a wet room will create a luxurious place to scrub while complementing the feel of the room effortlessly. Square toilets and basins are recent trends that are easily incorporated into this style. Wall hung toilets are a nice touch also, while counter top basins coupled with freestanding mixer taps are very current.

With regards to storage, there are a large variety of contemporary vanity units and cabinets available that can be added, giving you space for all your items while looking superb in the process. Either colourful or sleek wooden finishes are excellent choices here. Remember, the fixtures should work well with the tiling and colour scheme you’ve selected in order to really nail the look.

How to achieve a stunning visual effect

Ok, so you’ve got your tiling and fittings choices spot on, now what? Well, the final stage of creating an ultra-modern bathroom is to add the smaller details that will really bring the whole thing together.

Your basin and bath can be customised with more unique looking tap options, such as waterfall style items or freestanding units for a sophisticated feel. Adding a large, simply styled mirror aids the air of modern luxury, while a designer radiator is a great way to inject a little personality into the room. Also, don’t forget about lighting, as both the shape and design of the lights themselves, and the glow they provide can really improve the atmosphere. As always, placing a few accessories around the place will improve the visuals.

To summarise, what you want to achieve here is a bathroom that looks refined and classy, yet somewhat futuristic at the same time. There are lots of great examples out there, so take your time, find a style that works for you and get creating that beautiful ultra-modern bathroom!

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