12 Standard Mirrors for Your Home

By Trinity

3rd Aug 2023

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Purchasing a mirror is the perfect finishing touch for your renovation. See our top 12 recommendations for the best standard mirrors for all areas of the home!

brass Mirror in hallway

Choosing a mirror can make or break the aesthetic of your space. Whilst mirrors serve a practical purpose, their design is an important aspect that is often overlooked. There are a variety of styles when it comes to mirrors for your home, from modern to traditional, framed and unframed. 

If you’re looking to get a mirror, take into consideration what area of the home your mirror will be placed in, what is the current aesthetic and what is your current colour scheme. These will all help you decide what mirror is right for your bathroom, bedroom or hallway! 

1. Arezzo Matt Black Hanging 600mm Round Bathroom Mirror

For a super stylish yet simple mirror, this rounded wall hanging mirror can match any aesthetic. The singular strap added for hanging functions as an elegant upgrade on a standard rounded mirror. This design is perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways. 


2. Arezzo Brushed Brass 600mm Round Mirror

Available in brushed brass and matt black, this Arezzo mirror is a simplistic design with a thin trim to outline its shape. Due to its shape, mirrors like this are best for bathrooms as they won’t accommodate a wide view which you might need for a mirror in a bedroom or hallway. Mirrors like this are best for up close and focused viewing.  


3. Arezzo Brushed Brass Square Edge 700 x 500 Mirror

If you like the simple trim in brushed brass or matt black but a rounded mirror isn’t to your taste, then the Arezzo Brushed Brass Square Edge 700 x 500 Mirror might match your vision perfectly. This type of mirror functions great in a bathroom too! 


4. Arezzo Matt Black Framed  Mirror - 1400 x 700mm

Ideal for large spaces in hallways and bedrooms, this rectangular framed mirror is suited to open areas where you might need a nice, wide angle. This style of mirror works well in bedrooms above bed frames in place of art, or even above a wide double vanity unit in bathrooms. 


5. Chatsworth Traditional 700 x 490mm Arched Mirror with Glass Shelf in Matt Black

For a traditional bathroom, this Chatsworth Traditional 700 x 490mm Arched Mirror is a great choice. Not only does it have a sleek matt black finish but it also features a handy shelf perfect for toiletries or even small bits of decor. 


6. Venice 500 x 800mm Rectangular Bevelled Mirror

Great for any space in the home, a bevelled edge mirror is a small upgrade to a standard mirror. If you want to keep things simple but are worried about your decor being boring, a mirror with bevelled edges adds that special touch without taking centre stage in a space. 


7. Arezzo Brushed Brass 600mm Octagon Mirror

The Arezzo Brushed Brass 600mm Octagon Mirror is another stylish upgrade to the classic standard mirror. Its unique shape brings an exciting element to your decor and the stunning brushed brass frame adds a bold and brightening touch. Again, due to its smaller size this mirror might not be ideal for bedrooms. However, for practical use in a bathroom or an interesting decor piece in a hallway this mirror functions well. 


8. Venice Black 300 x 600mm Mirror with Open Shelves

If practical design and saving space are high up on the priority list for your bathroom decor, then this Venice Black 300 x 600mm Mirror with Open Shelves is a great option. Whilst it looks like a standard mirror, this mirror has three shelves hidden behind it. This is great for storage of toiletries and cleaning supplies whilst also keeping them hidden away out of view. 


9. Chatsworth Mirror in White

This Chatsworth white mirror is an effortless and elegant little mirror that can function well in a small bathroom, or living area. With a satin finish over the wooden frame this is a nice and simple addition to your space!


10. Venice Brushed Stainless Steel 500 x 800mm Angled Mirror

The Venice Brushed Brass Stainless Steel Angled Mirror is suited to bathroom spaces. Its angled design is created for greater inclusivity, as this can be used from a seated or standing position as well as by small children. 


11. Burlington Georgian Mirror with Black Aluminium Frame

For a Gothic inspired standard mirror, the Burlington Georgian Mirror is a stunning choice. Its ornate frame makes it great for hallways and living rooms that have a more traditional or maximalist aesthetic. 


12. Venice 500 x 1000mm Lozenge Mirror

To create a stunning focal point in your bathroom, bedroom, living room or hallway the Venice Lozenge Mirror is a perfect choice. With a frameless design this mirror can match any aesthetic or colour scheme you might have. Its elongated shape can help make a space feel wider and more open too!



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