Small Bathroom Advice - How to Get Space In A Small Bathroom

By Greg

18th Apr 2013

3 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Some small bathroom advice and techniques to transform your bathroom and give it the illusion of space. Whether your bathroom has a traditional or modern style, you can still achieve the spacious look you have always wanted.

Four piece bathroom suite and taps

There’s nothing worse than a small bathroom that feels small. At times it may feel that a small bathroom creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere, but other times it can feel quite claustrophobic and depressing.

So, we thought we would give you a helping hand with some simple small bathroom advice and tips to transform your bathroom and give it the illusion of space. Whether your bathroom has a traditional or modern style, you can still achieve the spacious look you have always wanted. Though it will always be a small bathroom without knocking down a wall or adding an extension to your house, with a few simple changes, you will feel right at home in your bathroom again.

Make it Bright

First things first, bring light into your bathroom. A bathroom that is dark and dreary quickly becomes a place you don’t want to spend any time that you don’t have to. If your bathroom is bright it will feel more open, a good way to do this is with natural light from a window, try not to hide it behind a heavy material. Failing that, you can always add lighting that resembles natural light

But for those long winter nights when you want nothing more than a hot soak in the tub, we recommend sky lights to bring that shine back to your bathroom.

Best Use of Colour

Now that your bathroom is bright, you need to add colour to bring it all to life. For a spacious look, go for softer colours that won’t make all of your attention go straight to the walls. If you’re going for a more colourful style, the best way to do this is using colourful towels and other such accessories, but be careful not to add any unneeded clutter.

Effective Storage

This is possibly one of the most important elements of creating space in a small bathroom. A cluttered bathroom will always look smaller than a clean and tidy one. This is why the correct storage is vital. A good rule to stick by is to get rid of any unnecessary clutter. For example, if you have lots of little decorative accessories just choose the one, or if you have lots of framed pictures and pieces of art, select your favourites only.

The Right Bathroom Furniture

A great way to make the room look bigger is to install a pedestal or wall hung sink that will create much more floor space. You may find a wall hung vanity unit would be best for storing bathroom essentials while still retaining style.


The real illusion of space is found in a mirror. It reflects all of the light around the room and picks up any colour or pattern featured on the walls. If you have space for a big mirror, place it above the sink where you can really see the benefit. They can also come with lighting and even have extra storage space behind it, making them an ideal purchase for a small bathroom.

The Right Flooring

As with the walls in your bathroom, you should go for lighter colours to help keep the bright feeling that you’re trying to achieve. If you cannot replace your flooring, a great option for you would be a large light-coloured mat or rug that can go on top of your existing floor.

Shower Enclosures

The shower is one of the biggest items in any bathroom and can be a big factor in making your bathroom look smaller than it actually is. Not to worry, though, a simple yet effective way of dealing with this is to use clear glass shower enclosures rather than frosted or patterned glass. This means that you can see the wall beyond the glass, and your eye won’t have to stop at the door of the enclosure. Or you could install a shower curtain that can be pushed to one side when it’s not in use.



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