Shower Towers: What They Are & Why You'll Want One

By George

11th Sep 2020

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Popping up in high-end modern bathrooms, shower towers have become the go-to option for those wanting to add a designer flourish.

two tower showers in dark grey tiled bathroom

With many of us spending more time at home lately, it’s likely that you’ve been considering putting some effort into home improvements.

If creating a sleek modern bathroom is a top priority on your list, you’ll have probably already come across shower tower panels.

Lucky enough to have been away recently? You may have even seen one of these imposing wall-mounted towers in a stylish hotel bathroom.

They certainly look the part - boasting bold designs, metal casing, and elegant controls. But what are these shower towers? And why should you choose one ahead of a standard shower?

What are shower towers?

A shower tower (also known as a shower column) is a high-performance luxury shower that features a shower head, shower valve, controls, pipework, and occasionally additional shower outlets all encased in a tall uniform box.

These impressive devices often feature exciting supplementary features, too. For example, our range includes options with additional hand showers, body jets, and other luxurious capabilities to allow you to create a spa-like experience in your own home.

A strictly modern look, the first thing that strikes you about them is their seamless, almost futuristic-looking designs. This is what makes them our top pick for those who want to make a big style statement in their shower space.

Are shower towers any good?

Shower towers possess a unique set of benefits when compared to traditional shower units, such as:

  • High-end Looks - The main draw of shower towers is their dazzling designs. While similarly priced to alternatives, shower towers appear far more substantial and their looks can allow them to serve as stunning focal points in modern spaces. They’re also available in a number of on-trend finishes, from stainless steel and matte black to the highly unique hues; such as the dark chrome of this Milan Shower Tower Panel.
  • Intuitive Controls - The large column-shaped designs of shower towers makes it easy for controls their controls to be out spaced comfortably, making for more fluid and intuitive experience. These controls are highly precise and most of our shower towers make use of thermostatic technology to maintain a constant temperature and eliminate the risk of scalding.
  • Spa-like Features - In addition to their impressive rainfall shower heads, shower towers also boast other spa-like features. Our range includes towers with additional shower handsets (great for thoroughly rinsing out your hair) and body jets (that provide a powerful massaging effect).
  • All-in-one Unit - They’re also ideal for fans of keeping things simple. Shower towers tuck away all of the necessary components inside a slender metal unit to give your space a minimalist look. This includes valves and pipework too, allowing for a tidy and uncluttered installation.

Our top 3 shower towers for stylish bathrooms

Just in case the above is yet to convince you, we thought we’d show you a handful of our stellar shower towers and give you the lowdown on what makes them special.

The Milan Shower Tower Panel - Stainless Steel

A bright, eye-catching option for any modern space, this Milan Shower Tower Panel in Stainless Steel exudes luxury. A slender panel with six separate controls leads upwards to a decadent rainfall shower head. The Milan shower tower panel also includes two discreetly integrated body jets and a lightweight shower handset.

In addition to its great functionality, the Milan has several smart features under the hood, too. Automatic shut-down will keep you safe from scalding if your cold water feed should fail, while anti-limescale nozzles make it easy for you to keep both the shower head and handset clear of any blockages.

The Hudson Reed Interval Recessed Shower Panel

A distinctive chrome shower tower with body jets, this option from Hudson Reed has a recessed design that allows it to be installed flush with your bathroom’s wall and maximise your space. The shower’s six body jets give you full-body coverage for a hugely invigorating experience, while its on-trend pencil handset will help you with rinsing.

The stand-out feature of this option, though, is its interval recessed panel. The suave controls and the shower’s outstanding rainfall head are two separate pieces that, when installed, will give your bathroom a sense of fluidity. The shower itself is a thermostatic one; this means that your shower will maintain a constant temperature even if you experience fluctuations in flow.

The Maverick Black Shower Tower

Black, matte black, and anthracite finishes have been taking over bathrooms in the last few years, so it’s no surprise that black shower towers have started to appear in droves. The Maverick Black Shower Tower, however, is a cut above the competition. A slightly more compact panel with three square body jets, two controls, and a hand shower. All of which finished in polished chrome to provide an alluring contrast.

The extravagant look can work to heighten the style of your current bathroom or add a finishing touch to a new renovation. We’re particularly fond of the alternative and highly contemporary look that black shower towers provide. A great way to future-proof your space.

Things to consider before buying a shower tower

    • Size  -  While compact options are available (such as the Maverick Black Shower Tower we mentioned), shower towers are typically quite large and require adequate headroom to comfortably fit their protruding overhead shower heads. Make sure you check your chosen shower’s dimensions against the dimensions of your space to avoid disappointment when installing.
    • Water Pressure  -  With many of our shower towers featuring additional outlets to power their numerous body jets and additional hand showers, some may require higher water pressure than a regular shower. Be sure to check your chosen shower’s pressure requirements to see if it is suitable for your home. If you’re unsure, try our guide on How to Measure the Water Pressure of Your Home.
    • Installation  -  Once finished, a well-installed shower tower will look completely uniform with your bathroom wall, with no visible pipework or bulky valves. Due to the amount of finicky work required, we highly recommend you hire a professional for installation; even if you’re normally confident enough take on similar jobs solo.

Convinced by our introduction to shower towers? Want to browse more? Try our comprehensive shower towers and columns range. For all of your other bathroom inspiration needs, stick with us here on the Victorian Plumbing blog.



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