Should I Get Underfloor Heating?

By Megan

4th Sep 2023

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Heat up your bathroom with underfloor heating, an out of sight heating solution that will effectively and efficiently warm your home. 

Underfloor heating system in white kitchen

Underfloor heating is a great heating solution for your home. Although it is most commonly used in bathrooms, underfloor heating is a great choice for other places throughout your home such as your kitchen or living room.

Adding underfloor heating will instantly make your home feel more luxurious. But before you decide if underfloor heating is the right choice for you, is it important that you know the benefits and the drawbacks of having underfloor heating. This way, you are able to make an informed decision and decide if this heating solution is the right choice for you and your home.


The Benefits of Having Underfloor Heating


Luxurious Heating Solution

Underfloor heating is one of the most luxurious ways to heat up your home. Installing underfloor heating in your bathroom will instantly make your space feel spa-like and tranquil. This is all down to the sensation of a heated floor, which can make you feel very calm and relaxed.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

One of the main benefits to underfloor heating is that it is an out of sight heating solution. Which means you will be able to remove any eye sore radiators that are taking up space in your room, making your home feel more open and de-cluttered.

Underfloor heating in white bathroom

Energy Efficient

Another great benefit of underfloor heating is the energy efficient properties. Compared to radiators, underfloor heating uses 15% - 40% less energy. Making them better for the environment and your wallet.


Suitable for Most Floor Types

Underfloor heating is a great choice for your home as it is suitable for most floor types. Which means you can add this effective heating solution to almost any room in your house, whether you’re working with wood, tiles or even carpet!

Smart thermostat in cream living room

The Drawbacks of Having Underfloor Heating


Long and Expensive Installation

One of the biggest drawbacks to underfloor heating is the installation process, which is an expensive and lengthy process. This is because your floor will need to be removed so that the underfloor heating elements can be placed. They are then set into place so that new flooring can be installed without moving the heating system. Meaning you will have to spend money on resources and on hiring a professional to ensure that the installation is completed correctly. 


Not Suitable for Heavy Furniture

Another drawback to underfloor heating is that it is not suitable for heavy furniture. Placing heavy furniture can affect the dispersion of heat and also put the heating elements at risk of damage or breakage. This will mean that your furniture placement will be restricted and altering the set up in your home will be more difficult.

Underfloor heating in kitchen with cream tiles

Long Heating Time

Compared to radiators, underfloor heating can take a while to heat up. Which means you will have to plan in advance when you want to heat up your room. Depending on the size of your room, it can take up to 3 hours for an underfloor heating system to start heating your room properly. 


Increases Floor Height

One thing to keep in mind when you are deciding if you should install underfloor heating is that, once installed, the height of your floor will be higher than before. It is important that you bear this in mind before making your decision as a higher floor can affect a number of things in your home, such as the opening and closing of doors.

Underfloor heating under wooden floor

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost?

Depending on the type of system you choose and the size of your room, the overall price of  underfloor heating varies. For an electric system, the average price can be anywhere from £50 - £85 per m2. For a water system, the average price is £120 - £185 per m2. Depending on the size of your room, that can start to add up to an expensive amount.


Is Underfloor Heating Right for Me?

Deciding whether underfloor heating is right for you or not all depends on the room you want to add underfloor heating to, the size of that room and your budget. Buying and installing is an expensive process, so you want to make sure that you are adding this heating solution to the right room. 

Luxurious and out of sight underfloor heating is a great choice for both large and small rooms, however it is not suitable for heavy furniture or appliances. This is something that you will need to keep in mind, as removing underfloor heating can be just as expensive. Make sure that you are 100% certain where all of your furniture will be placed to avoid any damages or affect the heat dispersion.

Underfloor heating in grey bathroom

Overall, underfloor heating is a great choice for heating up your home. You will save money on your bills while using less energy. Despite taking longer to heat up than a radiator, you will find that your room will feel warmer much sooner. So if you are looking for an effective heating solution that is out of sight and more effective, then underfloor heating is well worth the expense.



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