Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas

4th Dec 2013

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Bathroom Ideas

If you're struggling for inspiration when it comes to buying gifts this Christmas, you may just find what you've been searching for right here.

Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s almost that time of year again when the comedy jumpers are in full effect, spirits are high and you’ve gorged yourself on way too much stuffing, leaving absolutely none for anyone else, or maybe that’s just me? But I digress…

Christmas is obviously a fantastic time to share gifts with one another and it’s also an ideal occasion to inject a little humour into some of your purchases. With that in mind, why not buy someone special a novelty bathroom gift? I know what you’re thinking, toilet accessories are not top of your list for gift ideas, but imagine the reaction you would get from your parents after they opened a present to find a toilet seat with a comically drawn cow featured on the lid. There would be hysterics and confused looks all round, and let’s be honest, isn’t that what the festive period is all about after all?

Installing some novelty products will really liven up any bathroom, so if you don’t want to buy anyone else a bathroom based gift, then you can always treat yourself! Great examples of decorative items extend across all manner of accessories, such as toilet seats, bath mats, shower curtains, and toothbrush holders. There are plenty of products available to cheer up your bathroom, or someone else’s!

Wenko Crazy Cow Toilet Seat - £39.95

Why have a regular wooden or plain plastic toilet seat when you can have one with a cartoon cow adorning it? This particular toilet seat is a great way to add some character to a bathroom without going too overboard.

Croydex Bobbing Along PVC Shower Curtain - £12.95

A charming addition to any bathroom, this decorative shower curtain will be sure to turn some heads with its funky, eye-catching design. Ideal if you have children. There is also a matching bath mat available for this item, should you wish to continue the theme further.

Wenko Tropic Bath Pillow - 7 Colour Options - £19.94

This bath pillow will provide a fine decorative touch to your bathtub and is sure to raise a smile on a few faces. The soft polyurethane moulds to your head and neck to provide great levels of comfort. Available in numerous colours, so you can match it to your theme.

Umbra Grassy Organiser - £12.95

Made from soft-moulded rubber, this item is a quirky and unique way to organise your toothbrushes. It is ideal for both adults and children alike, and will look much funkier on your bathroom window sill than regular holders.

Now that you’ve had a taster of some of the more unique products available on the market, why not try and see what other novelty items you can find? Surely, no Christmas should be complete without some kind of light-hearted present being given, and the items we have highlighted are a great way in which to showcase your creative side.

I know the thought of buying your guests and loved ones novelty bathroom items is firmly planted at the back of your mind now. After all, you are reading about Christmas present ideas on a bathroom site…..

Happy Shopping!

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