With autumn beginning to take effect and winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your house for the sharp drop in temperature and the troubles it can bring. One of the most important areas to focus on is of course the bathroom, as this part of the house can get particularly nippy at this time of the year. In this guide we’ll look at some of the key elements which will benefit from either repairing or upgrading, so you can keep yourself toasty this winter!

Little things make a big difference

You might think that preparing your bathroom for winter might be a mammoth task, but you’d be surprised at the effect that even the more simple things can have. One of the easiest ways to avoid the cold for example is to get yourself a good quality bath mat; face it no one likes the feeling of bare feet on freezing cold tiles! Choose something that matches the colour scheme of the room and you’ll never worry about stepping onto those tiles again.

Another area which may require some attention is the window seals. If there is a draft coming from the window (and the window isn’t actually open!) then there may be some small cracks around the seal. These can be fixed with some silicone sealant; but if the problem is more serious then you should look at completely re-sealing the windows.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the bathroom needs to be well ventilated, especially during winter as there will be more condensation around than usual. It may seem like a good idea but leaving the window open for a good hour or so following a bath or shower can really help remove excess condensation and keep the air flowing freely. This is extra important in this setting as the damp surfaces provide an ideal breeding ground for unsightly mould growth. For more tips regarding ventilation take a look at our previous blog post for some great ideas.

Pay attention to how quickly your basin drains water. If it takes a while then there may be a blockage in the pipes somewhere. This can get problematic at the best of times but during the winter it’s much worse as any trapped or blocked water could freeze, causing the pipes to expand, which means having one burst becomes a real possibility, and no one wants that! Most basin clogs can be easily removed with either a plunger or drain cleaner.

Tip: (Do be careful if you decide to use a dedicated drain cleaner however as many are very caustic and are best to be kept well away from any contact with your skin.)

Upgrade your heating

With the little things taken care of, it’s time to turn our attentions to more significant bathroom upgrades. If your existing radiator is past its best then now would be the perfect time to think about a replacement. But don’t think you have to settle for a conventional, plain looking item; there are numerous designer radiators available in a wide array of styles, sizes and colours which will not only keep the room nice and warm, but also look utterly fantastic in the process.

If you have a smaller bathroom, or perhaps just want to add an extra element to a large bathroom, then a heated towel rail is a great idea as these products provide ample heating and keep your towels toasty. They come in a good array of modern and traditional designs too, so finding one to complement the look of your bathroom shouldn’t be difficult.

If you have a larger budget to play with, or want to really get the most from your bathroom, we recommend investing in either a bath that retains heat well (such as a twin-skinned acrylic or natural stone item) or a shower which has steam settings as you’ll really feel the benefits of these items all year round, but especially when the temperature dips.

Best to start now

You might be thinking that it’s a little soon to be giving you tips on getting your bathroom ready for winter, however it’s far better to begin preparing in autumn, before the weather really turns as this allows you more time to tackle all the jobs that need doing (especially if they involve a lot of work).

All that’s left to do now is assess exactly which areas need improving and making the necessary changes so you can then sit back and relax knowing you’re fully prepared for the winter.

Rob, Victorian Plumbing