If you want your bathroom to look wonderful while appearing a little rough around the edges, a rustic style may be the ideal solution. Rustic bathrooms don’t require every aspect of the room to be perfectly matched to one another, which offers a greater level of freedom when it comes to creating an effective example. The best rustic bathrooms feature an aesthetic that looks a little worn down yet purposeful and stylish at the same time. Be under no illusions, this theme is definitely for those seeking something a little different.

The beauty of simplicity

The appeal of rustic design lies in its simplicity. In a world full of perfect lines and flawless fittings, a slightly distressed appearance works surprisingly well. If you’re tired of seeing immaculately presented bathrooms that look like they belong in show houses, the raw nature of rustic style certainly makes for a refreshing change. This is a very creative style that is a great way of stamping your personality on things.

So how do I create an authentic rustic look in my bathroom?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed looking at images of rustic bathrooms, however you don’t have to go for a hugely elaborate effort in order to accurately replicate the style. Think unconventional here, so we're talking metal panelling on walls, woods, and lots of bare stone on show. However, using metal that has a rusted effect is a touch brave in fairness, and while it can look brilliant, we would recommend using wood and stone instead.

Pay attention to the colours you are using, as natural shades often work best in this environment. Placing wood panelling along walls, and using wood for the floor gives off a practical, sturdy vibe. The wood can either be polished and neat, or quite rough and unvarnished depending on how far you want your approach to go. Using exposed, natural stone for certain areas, such as one wall specifically, or around the shower is pleasing on the eye and works extremely well with this concept. There are numerous stone effect tile and panel options out there to choose from.

When it comes to selecting your fittings there are no written rules, as the style can be made to work with either traditional or contemporary baths, showers, basins, and toilets. Natural stone bathtubs are a fantastic option for this setting. Just remember to match your fittings together and you’ll be on to a winner regardless of their overall style. For an extra slice of originality, a reclaimed cast iron bath would give you the ultimate focal point. Bathroom furniture is an interesting place to experiment here, as slightly worn looking vanity units and cabinets do add a certain charm, complementing this aesthetic perfectly. Having an inset or semi recessed basin integrated into a reclaimed unit can also help the general appearance of the room flow better. Reclaimed items are a brilliant way to add a bespoke touch.

With the general idea in place, it’s time to turn your attention to those finishing touches. Try adding some accessories such as natural stone soap holders, and ornamental shells, while placing various plants around the room will further enhance the effect. Rustic bathrooms that have really accomplished the look should create a unique feeling, being both moody and inviting simultaneously.

Is this style for me?

Now it must be said that rustic styling isn’t for everyone, and you do need to live with it so bear that in mind before going ahead. Ideally, you’ll need a bathroom with plenty of space so that you can really express your creative streak. Ultimately, it all boils down to whether or not you’re a fan of less refined surfaces. With a little imagination, and a good eye for detail, deciding to go for a rustic style may just be the perfect way to build a phenomenal bathroom.

Rob, Victorian Plumbing

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