7 Elegant & Modern Walk-in Bathtubs for Your Bathroom

By Alex Beckwith

26th May 2022

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Take a look at our top 7 modern walk-in bathtubs to choose from if you are planning on revamping your bathroom for ease and accessibility!

7 Elegant & Modern Walk-in Bathtubs for Your Bathroom{ENTER ALT TEXT HERE}

Renovating your bathroom to make it convenient for the needs of your household is a big decision. Making your bathroom accessible whilst keeping up to date with current trends can be a daunting task. You may be thinking a shower set is the best option with its easily accessible headset, but you would be missing out on the pleasure of a relaxing soak. Regular bathtubs do provide this however their accessibility is where they stumble as the sides can be too difficult to climb which is enough to be put off. That is where a walk-in bath comes in handy. For those with restricted mobility they are a saving grace. With a walk-in bathtub, you will no longer have to face the intimidating climb over the dreaded bath side. This list will provide you with the answers, let us guide you through the best door so that you can step into the bath of your dreams.

Depending on your own taste, there is a wide range of walk-in bathtubs that you can choose from. Whether you use a bath for a quick dip or a long soak, this list will help you choose the best one tailored to you and your style.

Our Top 7 Modern Walk-in Bathtubs

1. Milton Walk-in Bath 1700x700mm

This Milton walk-in bathtub provides a contemporary design to fit with a range of different bathroom styles from traditional to modern. Offering comfort and safety at an affordable price, it is the perfect choice for a stress-free renovation and a simple glossy finish. Minimal stress at a minimal price, it’s a no drain-er if you ask me.

2. Milton Luxury Walk-in 1500mm Bath

If you are looking to use your tub to influence your bathroom style, the Milton luxury walk-in tub brings accessibility to your revamp with a splash of elegance. By using a tempered glass door on the bathtub, the unique design of your bathroom is elevated whilst also maximising your safety by offering a low threshold step. Milton further puts your safety first with this tub by using an anti-slip base that gives you evenmore peace of mind when relieving your stress with a good soak.

To keep in style with this bathtub’s modern features, a sleek and angular designed tap such as the “Cast Bath Filler - Chrome” will complement. This tap will also add to the accessibility of your bathroom as it features two easy use lever handles that will allow you to accurately control the temperature of your bath.

3. Milton Walk In 1675mm P Shaped Bath

If comfort is something that is important to you when looking for your new walk-in bathtub, then a P-shaped bath could be just what you need. With the mix of angular corners and adding curves to the side, it could be the perfect addition to bring out a sense of modernisation in your bathroom. With the curved edge at the end of the tub, it allows for spacious bathing and room to manoeuvre when getting in and out of the tub, which is an added benefit that makes your bathing experience even more tailored to your needs.

With the added space at the end, this bath could be ideal if you use a wheelchair. The extra room would be more accommodating for any additional seating or grab rails that may be needed. As this also provides you with the choice to have a shower in your bath, this valuable asset makes use of your bathroom by offering you more whilst saving on floor space.

4. Milton Luxury Walk In 1700mm Bath inc. Screen, Fold Down Seat

Milton’s luxury walk-in 1700mm tub is the perfect mix of accessibility and style. As well as its chic features and sleek finish, it screams maximum comfort with its fold down seat and cushioned headrest. This is complemented by the outside finish with glass panels and metal strips to enhance its modern style to the full capacity. By having the seat along with the screen this option also allows you to have your choice between a relaxing bath or a quick shower, giving you versatility with the utmost accessibility and ease.

Who says accessibility is unfashionable? You can easily stay on trend with this bathtub by adding some contemporary grab rails to finish the look. The Euroshowers Luxury Contemporary Straight Grab Rail would be a perfect choice for this. Complementing the chrome trim, incorporating chrome rails would help bring your bathroom to an eye-pleasing finish.

5. Milton Walk In 1210mm Deep Soak Bath

Whether you are wanting to relax or take a quick plunge, a deep soak bath could be the perfect choice that suits your needs. This choice of bath is ideal if you are looking to save on space due to its compact design. It places you in a seated position, becoming fully submerged to your chest whilst having easy access getting in and out of the tub. With this unique design, it would be a great addition to any bathroom where a new, modern touch is needed to help bring it to a finish. As it is in a reasonable price range, it is a perfect pick for those who are looking for an upgrade on a budget.

6. Milton Luxury Walk In 1300 x 660mm Easy Access Deep Soak Bath

If you were there was a bath out there that offered the most relaxing soak that came hand in hand with top tier safety, accessibility and comfort would you believe me? I know I wouldn’t either but then walks in Milton Luxury walk-in Easy Access deep soak bathtub. With its added grab rails, extra-wide door and anti-slip base, it makes your safety seem effortless, especially with its added low threshold step. Making accessibility trendy, this pick can also be used as a focal point in your bathroom, placing it against a feature wall allows it to stand out bringing a sense of pride to your soak.

7. Milton Luxury Mini Walk In 1060mm Easy Access Deep Soak Bath

Leaving the best till last, we have the ultimate space saver! With its compact design, it puts your space in the forefront as well as your safety. This would be a perfect addition to any bathroom with a modern style or in need of a modern touch due to its elegantly designed contoured lines and stylish appearance.

If you are looking for a subtle contrast to add to your bathroom style, the contoured lines would be perfectly balanced by the use of a curved finished tap such as the Ideal Standard Ceraline 2 Tap Hole Bath Filler.

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