How to Perfectly Plan Your Master Bedroom Lighting

By Trinity

22nd Jul 2022

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If you feel like your master bedroom lighting is a little dull, check out our guide on how to perfectly plan your master bedroom lighting.

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Whilst lighting serves the practical purpose of helping you see, the impact lighting can have in dictating the vibe of your master bedroom is often underestimated. The right lighting can be the difference between a place seeming cold and harsh or warm and comforting. So, you should definitely strive to make use of lighting to create and convey the atmosphere you want.

However, how to utilise different styles of lights isn’t exactly common knowledge, so here’s our guide on how to be intentional with your lighting for a master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Master bedroom ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the most commonly used lighting in any room of the home. It provides a general and indirect light throughout the room and is normally in the form of a ceiling light. On occasion a large floor lamp can do a great job too.

When it comes to choosing the right ambient lighting, make sure you take into consideration what your room looks like, as well as its size. Do you have low or high ceilings, will you need multiple lights, what is the defining aesthetic to your bedroom. Take a moment to ask yourself these questions.

When it comes to master bedroom ceiling lights, pendant lights are a current, popular and impressive way to light the room, especially if you have high ceilings. Lights like the Revive Copper Pendant Light are a beautiful way to implement practical ambient lighting but in a fashionable way. For those with low ceilings, spotlights or a flush ceiling light such as the Sensio Hudson Flat Round LED Ceiling Light are a good option.

Master bedroom bedside lighting

When it comes to bedside lighting, something that’s discrete, calming, and not too bright is the best choice. Often small table lamps make good bedside lighting for a master bedroom. Again, it’s always best to think about style, as well as what you need this style of lighting for. If you want a subtle light on for watching TV, a light that provides a general glow might be the best option. If it’s a light for reading then an adjustable head with a targeted light like the Revive Adjustable Wall Reading LED Light might be more useful.

If you don’t have space for a small table lamp, there are more discrete ways to implement master bedroom bedside lighting. Similar to hotels, many integrate their bedside lighting into the wall next to their headboard, or even into the headboard itself! This can be achieved with small wall hung lights for master bedrooms, or even LED strip lights. Make sure you pay attention to where the light switch is fitted as if it’s slightly too far out of reach this will be super inconvenient!

Master bedroom accent lighting

If your master bedroom still feels like it’s lacking some depth, accent lighting is a great way to solve this.

Accent lighting operates as a fun way to add dimension and flair to a space. This style of lighting highlights certain details like an accent wall, a bookcase, or artwork. This lighting focuses on the parts of your room you want to emphasise and also hides the parts of the room you don’t.

Wall hung lights are great for providing accent lighting in a master bedroom. For something stylish that blends in and is great at highlighting a targeted area, uplights work well. Uplights like the Revive 40cm Ceramic Wall Uplighter would be ideal for illuminating some cool artwork on your walls.

Alternatively, for a stylish accent lighting option that works well to highlight a section of your room, the Industville Sleek Edison Wall Light Set is a great choice. This style of lighting is ideal for accenting a bookshelf or feature wall because you can place a wall light either side of the section you’d like to draw attention to because this set features two lights. Not to mention they’ll introduce a super trendy industrial vibe to your master bedroom!

Master bedroom task lighting

Task lighting is pretty self explanatory. If you have a special corner in your bedroom dedicated to a specific task, such as reading, a hobby, or makeup, task lighting will ensure that you can see everything within your designated area. This type of lighting can be implemented through wall hung lights, illuminated mirrors to partner with a vanity, or a floor lamp if you have a lot of space to work with.

Master bedroom smart lighting

There are tons of smart ways to utilise lighting in your bedroom to make your life easier. Smart lighting can be used to add ambience to a room, as well as used for completing tasks or accenting certain corners of a master bedroom.

The Burlington LED Cabinet and Drawer Light is a great example of how smart lighting can solve those simple problems. Fitted with a motion sensor, this LED lighting turns on when a drawer and cabinet door is opened, and turns off once it’s shut.

Smart lighting can also be implemented in your master bedroom by opting for an LED colour changing bulb over a typical bulb in your bedroom floor lamp. By controlling your lighting colour and brightness through a mobile app or remote, you can influence the ambience of your master bedroom to set whatever mood you like.

You may not want or need to implement all of these styles of lighting, but ambient and task lighting are essential. Accent lighting is an added bonus for those who truly want to make their bedroom a well planned and put together space!



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