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By Alex

16th Dec 2013

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Our guide to achieving the cool, masculine effect...

Masculine interiors steel lighting

Masculinity; vigorous, rugged and tough - fantastic ideals for a school of design.

Economy, utility, resilience and style are features most prized by the masculine aesthetic. Space should be used well, with little in the way of superfluous accessories. Materials and surfaces should echo gymnasiums and gentleman’s clubs with a kind of calm, pensive luxury, and the modern should be blended with the contemporary to give a sharp, clean look that is unafraid to make a statement.

Men are sometimes unfairly cast as the messy bachelors. Yet we can all recognise what style and confidence can do for you. The lifted chin, rolled-back shoulders of a person who feels good on the inside, and projects that in everything they do.

You should aim to encapsulate this feeling and bring it to your decor for the authentic masculine look.

Walls and Floors

For your walls and floors, natural stone and rich, stained wood are ideal - materials that clean well, and have a powerful, dramatic effect on your interior. Giving off strength and luxury in equal measures.

Tiles are good - hygienic and easy to clean, they remind us of spas, gyms and saunas. They are also an astute way of achieving your desired look, with a range of materials and finishes available without too much expense. Go for substantial, dark colours and unpolished, matte tiles to capture the feeling of a cool, secluded retreat.

Bath / Shower

The centrepiece of your bathroom should make a real statement; the masculine theme is almost unique in that it can flit between traditional and modern and still look well-rounded and cohesive.

A shower can utilise a traditional head - a stylish vintage piece that would go well with the wooden aspects of the rustic look. In chrome, copper or brass, a classic design can suddenly look very masculine indeed.

Conversely, a shower enclosure or wet room with lots of stone and reflective metal is so smooth and so stylish.

The same logic can be applied to bathtubs. A statement is necessary, so a traditional tub in burnished copper or bronze, or a modern free standing bath are the ideal ways to lift your bathroom .


A mirror is essential for shaving, combing, and of course doing tough-guy faces (you talkin’ to me?). Again, stained wood and a utilitarian, functional design. No fancy shapes or flourishes.

Picture frames and wall hangings are another way to complete the theme. Monochrome, aspirational prints work well, while the frames should again echo the walls and fittings with strong materials that will last.

For fixtures and fittings, an inset basin set in reclaimed, weathered wood, or dark walnut looks fantastic - almost a workbench-turned bathroom. Dark slates and marble, however, give a smooth, sports-car look - urban living with a clean-shaven freshness.

Your metal fittings can be vintage styled or very modern, but they should be interesting and uniqueThese are your cufflinks, your tie bar. Curving, brass taps or contemporary chrome, you can go either way, but carry your chosen look across all of your fittings for a considered, designer effect.

Final Word

Modern masculine design tends to be a curious mix - a traditional, gentleman-aesthetic that looks wistfully back to an idealised time of brown leather boots and sandalwood floors, and a stylish, continental look that is sleek and cutting edge. Perhaps this expresses the mentality of the modern man - unafraid to be expressive with style, with an appreciation for what has come before.

Pigeon holing and worrying about who can like what based on their gender is rightfully in the past, and it is perfectly acceptable for someone who considers themselves more feminine in style to enjoy some features of a masculine look, and vice versa.

Hopefully we have provided some insight on the elements that make up a classically masculine interior, so if you wish to add a few stylish, rugged elements to your own bathroom, you can do so confidently. If you would like more ideas and inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board for Masculine Bathroom Ideas - cool pictures of seriously masculine bathrooms from around the web.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions on achieving your ideal look, you can leave a comment below or connect with us on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Come back again soon for more style and DIY advice.

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