Luxury Feminine Bathroom Style Guide

By Rob

10th Dec 2013

3 mins read

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A guide to creating a Luxurious Feminine theme in your bathroom including how to add style and compliment your space.

Luxury Feminine Bathroom

The humble bathroom can be tailored to suit a vast array of styles and tastes, and there are an abundance of options to choose from when planning an upgrade. But what if you’re looking for something ultra-stylish, ultra-sophisticated, and above all feminine? Well ladies, we have the perfect style guide in mind for you.

Taking inspiration from the boudoirs and boutiques of Paris, the Luxury Feminine theme is ideally suited to those who want a bathroom that feels personal to them. The key factors your bathroom needs to exude in order to perfectly achieve this look are decadence and passion. Luxury Feminine is all about making a grand statement, showcasing a bathroom that is both personal yet inviting to others at the same time.

Luxury Feminine Bathroom Style

Colour Selection

A good place to begin your theme would be to consider which colours you would like to use.

Rose, white, rouge and combinations of contrasting colours work incredibly well here to create a more womanly vibe. For example, white floor tiles matched with white wall tiles covering half a wall will set the mood. Then, painting the top half off the wall in a pastel hue such as mint or lemon, or even perhaps a deep red, will effectively create the atmosphere you’ll require to make this theme work best.

Monochrome tiles or wallpaper also work well in this setting, as they have the timeless sophistication that Luxury Feminine is all about.

Colour Selection

Choosing Your Fittings

Your best bet with fittings is to go traditional. Period bathtubs and toilets combined with items such as pedestal basins will add an air of class to their surroundings and really enhance the overall presentation of your bathroom. A high-level toilet, for example, would look fantastic here, as the detailed, classy designs commonly featured on the cisterns of these items are in keeping with the theme.

Brassware taps will also help to accentuate the visual effect. The aim of this style is to transform your bathroom into an almost palatial feeling environment.

Large freestanding acrylic baths can be customised to match your choice of colours. So you could have a rose coloured bathtub with white legs to seamlessly mimic your choice of tiling. A good eye for detail and a degree of colour complimenting will set this theme off right.


Of course, no Luxury Feminine bathroom would ever be complete without a generous collection of chic accessories. You deserve to pamper yourself, so large, lavish items will help to set the tone. First of all, the all-important bathroom mirror. Large, metallic framed items are ideal as bold, ornate designs suit this style and won’t look tacky if you’re smart with your choice.

Lighting is always essential in any bathroom, and for this theme, we suggest may be looking at more elaborate options. Some of the ceiling lights available have a real chandelier image to them which will provide lashings of charm and elegance. Think bold, as grand designs won’t look too out of place here.


You’ve seen Moulin Rouge, haven’t you? Even if you haven’t, I’m sure you will be familiar with some of the decor on show throughout the film. That quintessentially French look is what we’re aiming for here. However, if you don’t want to go all out with things like quilted wallpaper, you can always hang up a framed poster or two from the film. There are even vintage posters available which would make for an interesting touch.

Your décor should effortlessly seep sophistication, and there are numerous ways to manage this while staying under budget.

Smaller accessories such as bath mats and towels can easily be coordinated to your theme, but have a think about more unusual bathroom items.

Ornate cabinets look fantastic in this setting, and for the ultimate finishing touch, why not add a button backed chair or even a chaise lounge if your bathroom can accommodate one. There are many ways you can achieve a Luxury Feminine themed bathroom, all you need is a good imagination and the options will be almost endless.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, our guide to a theme that is both cheeky yet stylish simultaneously. We reckon it looks magnificent when done correctly and it will definitely raise a few smiles!

A word to the wise however, it may be best to check with your other half before choosing this style, as he may not be too impressed with shaving in a baby pink bathroom every morning!

Thanks for reading, we hope you have fun creating your own Luxury Feminine bathroom!



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