One of the most effective ways of transforming the appearance of your bathroom is also one of the most often overlooked. Upgrading your lighting is a great way to create an atmospheric place to bathe, and although it may not seem too important at first, using well-chosen lighting can really enhance the look of your bathroom, and leave you with a wonderful, soothing living space.

Lighting is an essential part of any room, and your bathroom should be no different as it is a place you spend time in every day. Ultimately, it needs to be relaxing. Avoid overly bright, harsh lights, as no one wants to see their tired red eyes straining back at them in the mirror under a heavy glow first thing. More subtle lighting is much more flattering, and will help you chill out and set the mood for your bathing.

Types of Lighting

Bathroom lighting comes in many different forms, with designs ranging from the subtle to the ornate, as well as various colours and brightness levels being available. The key to succeeding here is choosing lights which complement your theme and choice of décor.

Ceiling Lights: Usually your main source of bathroom lighting, choosing the right ceiling light is important, as you don’t want anything that looks too out of sync with your theme. Large, traditionally inspired mini chandeliers can look fantastic when incorporated into the correct setting, while smooth, sleek, minimalist options are ideally suited to more contemporary styled bathrooms. LED spotlights are a good way to keep lighting simple yet effective.

Wall Lights: Adding lighting to your walls enables you to achieve an ambient feel that will give you a calming glow when turned on separately from ceiling lights. Styles include graceful period designs, such as candle shaped fittings, as well as Victorian lantern inspired items that have a more decorative feel. Finished in black these can add a slightly gothic touch which would make for an interesting bathroom aesthetic. Contemporary options include simplistic chrome bars and crisp, clean lines that seamlessly blend into more current surroundings. Sconces are often used in modern settings as they work well with this particular style.


Ceiling lights are best kept where they can brighten the entire room easily, so the centre is an ideal positioning point. Wall lights are great for highlighting specific areas and zones. If you have a certain area of the bathroom you want to draw attention to, a wall mounted light is a great way to do so. There are also a selection of mirrors available with lighting built into them, so you have adequate lighting for tasks such as shaving, which are best done where you can see clearly for obvious reasons!


Depending on the size of your bathroom, lighting can have a dramatic effect. Used well, it can help make smaller bathrooms appear bigger, and accentuate different aspects of larger bathrooms. You can add dimmer switches to allow you to adjust the amount of light you want. Wall and ceiling lights can be also matched for a harmonised look, while items such as light pulls can be upgraded to display a more personalised image.

A Word on Safety

It is worth noting that safety is paramount when changing your bathroom lighting. Water and electricity aren’t the best of friends and it’s essential that you do some research prior to fitting anything. We strongly suggest having your bathroom lighting fitted by a qualified electrician.

Rob, Victorian Plumbing