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Japanese Toilets (And Why They're More Popular Than Ever)

By George

23rd Feb 2021

4 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Interest in our Japanese-style toilets has soared in recent months. But why are more people than ever investing in impressive smart toilets?

Toilet Bidet and Control

When it comes to tech, toilets in Japan have always been lightyears ahead of our UK offerings. Much more than simple ceramic pans, these high-tech toilets are known for their complex controls, ultra-hygienic functions and - in some cases - heated seats.

Not just highly-functional, they’re impeccably stylish, too. Though you may struggle to make one look consistent in a traditionally-styled space, all of our Japanese toilets can work to provide a luxurious contemporary vibe.

So, whether you’ve been put off by complicated controls or you’ve simply never heard of them, we’ve put together the following guide to what makes them so special.

We’ve even included a few recommendations for those considering installing one!

What Makes Japanese Toilets Unique

  • Hygienic Bidets - Probably the main selling point of Japanese toilets, built-in bidets are a more hygienic and eco-friendly alternative to using toilet paper. Almost every toilet in Japan integrates one or several adjustable jets that use heated water to clean you effectively.
  • Drying Functions - Working much the same way as hand dryers, Japanese toilets also tend to include adjustable warm air dryers that gently dry users. This can be especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin.
  • Warm Seats - Most of these smart toilets also use heated seats that can be set to your preferred temperature - a great help in those tricky bathrooms that struggle to stay warm in the colder months.
  • Night Lighting - Another clever feature found in many toilets in Japan. Helpful LED lighting built into the toilet pan can help users navigate in the absence of bathroom lighting. These lights are particularly effective in ensuites; allowing users to use the bathroom without having to turn a light on and waking a partner.
  • Eco-friendly Settings - In addition to the eco-friendly benefits that built-in bidets bring, many smart toilets come with dedicated ‘eco’ modes, too. These can limit the use of water and electricity while still providing a comfortable and hygienic experience.

Why Are Japanese Toilets More Popular Than Ever Before?

Simply put, we're all taking hygiene a lot more seriously than we were before the global pandemic!

In the current climate, things such as the number of touchpoints around the home are being taken into deeper consideration. Japanese toilets, with their automatic toilet seats can reduce these touchpoints with ease.

Additionally, we're all putting more thought into personal hygiene. Smart toilets, with their efficient jets and air dryers, are far more hygienic than using toilet paper alone.

These hygienic benefits, when coupled with their environmentally friendly features, are the reason Japanese toilets are booming in popularity.

Our Top 4 Smart Toilets


  • The Metro Smart Toilet - With a list of benefits almost as long as the toilet rolls it’ll replace, this Metro smart toilet offers remarkable value for money. Front and rear cleansing jets, fully adjustable nozzles, adjustable water temperature, adjustable seat temperature, LED lighting. You name it, the Metro smart toilet has it.
    • This sleek close coupled toilet integrates its controls to the side, making everything incredibly easy to access. The Metro even boasts energy-saving settings making it more efficient when it comes to electricity use. A surefire winner for those wanting quality without having to spend too much.


  • The Grohe Sensia Arena - A glorious wall hung option, the Grohe Sensia Arena is a highly stylish and unobtrusive smart toilet that will blend seamlessly into any minimalist space. The smart seat opens and closes automatically, for touch-free operation. The controls here are even more versatile, with you being able to use either the remote control or an intuitive smartphone app.
    • Our favourite feature on this toilet’s huge list is its unique triple vortex flush. This utilises three powerful outlets that cover the whole bowl to ensure that every flush leaves your toilet sparkling clean.


  • The Bianco Smart Toilet - If you like the look of the Sensia Arena but want an option a little bit more budget-friendly, the Bianco Smart Toilet could be the perfect pick for you. This streamlined wall hung toilet unit features controls mounted to the rim and boasts a similar functionality to that found in the Metro Smart Toilet we mentioned earlier.
    • For the seriously competitive price, you get front and rear cleansing jets, an adjustable heated seat, an adjustable air dryer, LED lighting, and several more features normally found in much pricier toilets. We’re particularly fond of its completely adjustable water temperature levels.


  • The Geberit AquaClean Mera Smart Toilet - When it comes to Japanese toilets, the Geberit AquaClean Mera represents the true height of luxury. Its astounding chrome chassis is a true sight to behold - a look so high-end that it wouldn’t seem out of place fitted to a space shuttle. Its luxury looks are backed by luxury features, too.
  • The usual suspects such as spray temperature, water intensity, spray arm position, and drying are all controlled via a premium remote in a matching chrome finish. The toilet scene-stealing feature, though, is its high-tech odour extraction system - which will keep your bathroom smelling fresh without the need for harmful aerosols. This impressive feature is still uncommon, even in toilets in Japan.

What About Other Smart Bathroom Products?

If you’re a big tech-head and want to delve even further into smart home tech, there are numerous other smart bathroom products to choose from. From Bluetooth mirrors with built-in speakers to sensor taps that operate without touch, the bathroom is quickly becoming a hotspot for innovative new technology that can work to make everyday life that bit easier.

Working on a budget? Try swapping out your soap dispenser for a motion-activated one. This cheap and cheerful smart bathroom upgrade can instantly make your space more hygienic.

Like the sound of what you’ve read? Check out our extensive range of Japanese toilets. For all other bathroom inspiration, stick with us here at the Victorian Plumbing blog.



George is one of our interior experts. He loves to write about the latest bathroom trends and he's a dab hand with bathroom DIY too.

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