Introducing Jeff The Dancing Disco Dad - Our New TV Ad!

By Rob

6th Mar 2015

3 mins read

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We got tired of seeing the same generic TV adverts for bathroom companies so we decided to break the mould!

Dancing Dad Victorian Plumbing Advert

Following the success of our debut TV ad, we decided that it was time to press ahead and think about creating another campaign. The premise this time round however was to do something a little different to the norm; something no one would really expect from a bathroom company.

We’ve all grown tired of seeing those cookie cutter ads that feature half-naked people gormlessly staring at the tap they’ve just turned on, wondering why it has just morphed into a completely different design rather than just doing its job. With that in mind a plan was hatched to do something a little more creative

Our marketing team created the original concept for the advert, which is centred around a man named Jeff, who is so happy with his new Victorian Plumbing bathroom that he decides to dance down his hallway in full 70’s disco getup! This idea was presented to London based production company Blac Ionica who then contributed some fantastic ideas of their own and turned our vision into a hilarious reality.

The finished result has disco dad Jeff shakin’ his stuff down the hall in comic fashion to the sounds of a classic disco track as banners fall all around him stating things like ‘shower superstar’ and ‘bidet boss’ while displaying him as some sort of bathroom God. The twist is that sadly, the whole episode is just his imagination, as it is eventually revealed when his Mrs walks into the bathroom and finds him standing there naked, dancing away with his eyes shut.

But what was the reason behind our more humorous approach? Joe Pascoe, Marketing Manager for Victorian Plumbing, explains: “There are a lot of boring, formulaic TV adverts from bathroom companies at the moment; we decided it was time to step up and be the first to do something funny and different. We didn't want to book a few models looking lovely in a bathroom like everybody else is doing right now. We're excited to hear what the public think of our dancing disco dad!

Our last campaigns have focused on our high levels of customer trust, and whilst we still celebrate this, we thought it was about time we celebrated how exciting and rewarding buying a bathroom online from us can feel.

We're sure there are customers out there dancing around in their lovely new bathroom right now."

We hope everyone enjoys our new ad; we’re made up with the finished results and it’s great to do something a bit refreshing.

Make sure you check out the ad for yourself below and let us know what you reckon! Any comments you have can be posted on our Facebook page or tweeted to us @victorianplumb.

Rob, Victorian Plumbing



Rob is part of the resident bathroom bloggers team here at Victorian Plumbing. Rob loves writing in depth bathroom buying guides and is renowned for his expert 'how to' step-by-step DIY guides. He can also be found posting about the latest bathroom trends and ideas and also hunting out bargains and savings for our customers.

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