How to Hang a Bathroom Door Hook

By Trinity

13th Jan 2023

3 mins read

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Let’s help you get those final touches in your bathroom renovation ticked off. Learn how to hang a bathroom door hook with our easy guide.

Brushed Brass Robe Hooks

So you’re just about to complete the final parts of your renovation and get your new bathroom over the finishing line. That means it's time to add those finishing touches. Hanging a bathroom door hook might seem like a simple task, but sometimes you need that extra reassurance to get the job done!

Whilst most robe hooks that require screws are designed to be wall mounted, you can install them into your bathroom doors provided you don’t place too much weight on the hooks once they’re in place. Doors are not as dense as walls and you could risk your hook being ripped out if it can't support the weight!

How to hang a bathroom door hook


Step 1: Mark your placement 

Most robe hooks will feature two pieces: a wall mounted bracket and the actual hook. Get your wall mounted bracket and place it against the wall or door you want to mount it to. Make sure the placement is exactly where you want it to be. Using a pencil, mark the screw holes through the wall mount.

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Step 2: Drill your holes 

Using the marks you made as a guide, drill into your wall or door. If you are placing a hook on your door, make sure it's closed to prevent it from moving whilst you do this. Some hooks might come with wall plugs so if you are mounting your hook on a wall, be sure to place these into the drill holes and hammer them in once you are done.

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Step 3: Screw in your wall mount 

Hold your wall mount in position, making sure the screw holes line up with the holes you drilled into your wall or door. Place your screws into the hole and screw them in with a screwdriver until your wall mount is snuggly secured.

How to Hang a Bathroom Door Hook Graphic

Step 4: Attach the hook to the mounting bracket 

Pace your hook over the wall mount and attach it. The method for this may vary depending on the brand and design of your hook. Some may require you to twist it on, some feature clips and some even require an allen key so be sure to refer to the installation instructions of your robe hook! 

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Once this is done, make sure it's secure and test out your newly installed robe hook. Congrats, you're one step close to Bossing Your Bathroom!



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