How to Clean a Shower Screen Effectively

By Ahlam Abdulaziz

4th Mar 2022

4 mins read

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Is your shower enclosure looking grubby due to a build-up of stubborn limescale? Not many people know how to clean a shower screen, or how to do it efficiently without the elbow grease. With the help of our experts, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide for the best way to achieve a spotless shower screen.

clean a shower screen

Shower screens don’t take long to get dirty after a shower, but they are very effective in keeping the rest of your bathroom relatively dry.

Shower enclosures are usually completely transparent, providing more natural light and the illusion of more space. Better still, they are now available in all kinds of shapes and sizes so that you can effortlessly achieve your dream bathroom.

Gradually though, you may notice the development of limescale and stains on your shower screen. This is usually caused by a lack of ventilation, which could cause moisture to be trapped in the air and allow mould to thrive.

Failing to prevent this could have impactful side effects, such as irritated skin and dull hair from continuous exposure.

So, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to clean a shower screen, with the hope of making the process easier, faster, and more effective.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Clean a Shower Screen:

There are plenty of products on supermarket shelves that promise to be able to tackle limescale. Unfortunately, most of these also contain chemicals that you wouldn’t want to inhale. They also tend to require a lot of hard work and scrubbing to achieve the desired results.

So, we’ve looked into alternatives to bring you the best way to clean a shower screen - with a focus on making it as easy, and cost-effective as possible!

Essential Items:

  • White Vinegar
  • Spray Bottle
  • Non-scratch Sponge
  • Squeegee

Step by Step - Best Way to Clean a Shower Screen

Step 1: Spray the surface with vinegar

Make sure your bathroom window is open and that your extractor fan (if you have one) is switched on. Then, pour white vinegar into an empty spray bottle and spray generously onto your shower or bath screen.

Vinegar is great for cleaning shower screens as it contains the same acetic acids that are found in many store-bought cleaning products.

It’s important to make sure you don’t use balsamic or apple cider vinegar - these can leave an unpleasant smell, which surely you wouldn’t want lingering in your bathroom.

Once you’ve covered the screen, leave it to soak for approximately 5-10 minutes. This will allow for most of the limescale and dirt to break off so that you can easily remove it.

how to clean

Step 2: Use a non-scratch sponge

Once the vinegar has settled, scrub your shower screen using a non-scratch sponge. Keep going until all limescale and mould build-ups have been agitated.

It’s important that you use a non-scratch sponge to avoid any damage to your bath and shower screen.


Step 3: Rinse your shower screen

Gently rinse your glass shower screen with a little bit of cold water - don’t use a lot. This will prevent you from having to wipe down so much water at the end.

Using cold water will also help you to avoid the build up of steam. Failing to tackle steam can lead to condensation and sitting water, which can cause mould and all sorts of other harmful deposits to build up.


Step 4: Finish it off with a squeegee

Finishing your cleaning routine with a squeegee is a great way to combat limescale, scum, and any build-up that was left on your shower screen after rinsing.

We recommend the Orion Shower Squeegee, a product designed to keep your bathroom sparkling clean.

Another option that you can explore is using a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down excess water from your shower enclosure. Microfibre cloths are a good alternative option if you don’t own a squeegee. They absorb water, and you can also pop them in the wash and reuse them multiple times.

Now that you’ve gone through all of these steps, this method should leave your shower and bath screens shiny and streak-free!

Prevention is Better than Cure

We’ve all heard the saying, “prevention is better than cure”, this is why after every shower make sure that you use your squeegee to wipe down any excess water on your shower screen. This will ensure that the shower enclosure will stay clean and look dazzling.

To make things even easier, we’d also recommend using something like the Shower Guard Easy Clean Coating Kit. This kit will provide protection against the adhesion of limescale deposits and contaminants from soapy water - making the cleaning process easier and faster in the future.

Found our step-by-step guide on how to clean a shower screen helpful? Check out the rest of our shower and bath screens. For a wide variety of other inspiring bathroom articles, stick with us here on the Victorian Plumbing blog.



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