How to Choose Your Hallway Lighting

By Megan

22nd Aug 2023

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Hallways come in all different shapes and sizes, and choosing the right lighting that will effectively light up your space can be more challenging than you think. These are some of the things that you should consider before making your decision.

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Find Out How to Light Up Your Hallway Whether Small or Large, Dark or Light

Your hallway can be a difficult place to illuminate for a number of reasons, the lack of windows, dark corners and awkward places to light up. So when it comes to choosing your hallway lighting, it is important to know which lighting option will work the best for your space. 


Small Hallways

Small hallways can be difficult to light, this is due to the lack of space which can often cause uneven levels of lighting and dark corners. Which can often leave your space feeling much smaller.

A great way to improve the lighting levels in your small hallway is to add multiple wall lights. This will allow you to light up every corner of your hallway without the lighting being too harsh and over powering.

The Sensio Erin Single LED Tube Wall Light is a great option if you are looking to brighten up your small and dark hallway. Another reason to consider these lights is that they use LED bulbs. Which makes them much more eco efficient compared to standard lights.

Another great way to brighten up a small hallway is to add pendant lights. They are a great choice if you want to add lighting that will effectively light your small space while adding to the overall aesthetic in your hallway.

The Industville Brooklyn Glass Cone Pendant Light is a great choice if you want to maintain an industrial style throughout your home. Their small design means that you can place multiple without overcrowding your room, making them an excellent choice for small hallways.


Large Hallways

Large hallways can often be difficult to illuminate. This is down to the fact that there is much more space and some lighting options may be insufficient, which can cause uneven lighting. Having uneven lighting in a large hallway can often make the space feel cold and uninviting, so it is important that you choose the right lighting options for your space.

Adding statement lighting is a great option for large hallways. They offer plenty of lighting while making a statement in your home and their eye-catching designs means that adding more than one, will not only add more lighting into your halfway, but will also elevate the design in your space.

The Revive Modern Chrome Ice Cube Chandelier is a great choice for large hallways. The striking design of this large chandelier will become the focal point in your hallway, all while illuminating your large space. This is a great option if you prefer a modern and glamorous style in your home.

Chandelier’s are a great choice for statement lighting in your home, especially in your hallway. They are a great way to illuminate a large space without compromising on space. With so many styles to choose from, you won’t find it hard to find a chandelier that coincides with your preferred style, whether that's modern and contemporary or vintage and chic.

The Revive Small Chrome Crystal Chandelier will become the focal point in your hallway. This glamorous chandelier will effectively light up your large hallway all while elevating the look of your space.


Dark Hallways

Dark hallways typically have no windows, which means they will have no natural light. This can make your hallway feel small and much harder to navigate. A great way to brighten up dark hallways is to incorporate lighting that mimics natural light.

The Searchlight Silver LED Flush Light with White Acrylic Shade will effectively brighten up your hallway, making this a great option for dark hallways. This ceiling light features a flushed design, which makes this light a great edition to modern homes.

Alternately, you may prefer a light fixture that is more attractive and will add style into your dark hallway. Instead of opting for a minimalistic design, you might want to choose a light that will add to your decor.

LED crackle chrome ceiling light

The Forum Oslo Chrome LED 8 Light Crackle Ceiling Light is a great choice for contemporary spaces. This stylish light will illuminate your dark space while adding a modern yet glamorous design into your hallway.


Light Hallways

Having a hallway that is full of natural light is always a bonus in your home. But, choosing lighting for a hallway that is already full of light can be difficult. However,  there are ways that you can add light to your space which won’t cause bright and harsh lighting levels in your hallway.

A great way to do this is to incorporate ambience lighting. This will provide softer and warmer lighting levels which won't become overpowering in your light space.

Adding picture lights such as the Revive Antique Brass LED Picture Light, is a great way to add ambience light that will also double as décor for your hallway. These light will softly illuminate 

Another great way to add ambience lighting is to opt for lights that illuminate your walls. A great choice if you prefer a more modern and luxurious style in your home. 

The Revive LED Rectangular Up & Down Light casts light up and down your wall so that it is fully illuminated. This means, you are still adding extra light which can improve the overall aesthetic in your hallway. The sleek and chrome design of these lights makes them a great choice for people who prefer a more modern style in their home.



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