How to Boost Your Bathroom With Tasteful Tiles

By George

21st Mar 2019

4 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

We've put together some bathroom tile ideas to cover a range of styles; all of which are surefire ways to achieve interior design excellence.

Tasteful Bathroom Tiles

An essential component to any stylish bathroom; your choice of tile can significantly improve or impair the overall impact of a space. If your tiles clash horrifically with your decor, you’ll knock the feng shui out of balance. If your tiles are too pedestrian you’ll have missed a golden opportunity to amplify its elegance. 

Timeless & stately bathroom tiles

For traditionally styled bathrooms, tiles are crucial for adding character. Most period design sanitaryware, though intricate and beautifully detailed, can only be found neutral in colour and entirely void of pattern. Chrome brassware and white porcelain reign supreme. This leaves plenty of room for patterned tiles to make a statement. Our Vibe collection of tiles consists of fabulous mosaic designs in elegant colour schemes. The Vibe Black Patterned Tile in particular, are an exceptional option.

Striking behind a shower as part of a feature wall, you can also deploy these to cover an entire floor; as a gorgeous base for a freestanding bathtub. In monochrome with Italian geometric patterns, Vibe tiles are a remarkably tasteful compliment to any traditional bathroom.

High-fashion yet down to earth bathroom tiles

If you’re not careful, modern interior design can easily start to feel cold and clinical. Angular baths & basins. High-tech showers & taps. All of these aspects combined can result in a barren, overly refined bathroom. Don’t panic! Your choice of tile can quickly inject a bit of much needed nature to an otherwise static space. Our Juno Split Face Stone Tile collection offers an impactful solution. Take the Juno Rustic Split Face Tile for example.

Its lively, rusted orange tones combine with its rugged design work to introduce an organic, outdoorsy vibe to even the most stagnant of bathrooms. Made of natural stone, these tiles are simple to fit with each one fitting effortlessly into the next. We suggest utilising them in walk in showers to add vibrant texture to otherwise ordinary walls.

Tiles to put a twist on your style

Looking for a way to incorporate a trendier colour scheme in an old fashioned bathroom? Need a means of giving a snazzy new bathroom a touch of retro class? Our collection of Victoria Metro Tiles have the power to effortlessly adapt to both traditional & contemporary spaces. Consider them in gloss white to enhance the effect of luxurious chrome tapware & grand old showers.

Alternatively, engage the dark grey gloss option in a modern bathroom. Their steely tones combine well with their old-fashioned design to produce a unique industrial look.

This ‘space grey’ hue suits all the latest tech and goes well with the current trend of matte black taps and showers.

Inspired by Victorian Plumbing’s tasteful tile advice? Explore our wider range of wall and floor tiles here. Still struggling for ideas that suit your own style? Why not try our extensive blog for more bathroom design ideas as well as easy to digest DIY guides!



George is one of our interior experts. He loves to write about the latest bathroom trends and he's a dab hand with bathroom DIY too.

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