So how much should you pay for a new bathroom? Unless you’re a seasoned DIY expert, it’s highly unlikely that you possess the variety of skills required to completely overhaul it alone. From plumbing to electrical works, a trusty professional bathroom fitter will be able to get your room up and running. We’ve been in touch with some highly-rated local fitters to get an impression of how much bathroom work costs, as well as how much time is needed.

Fitting costs of bathroom suites

An exquisite suite should be your bathroom’s crowning glory, so you’d better not cut corners when it comes to bathroom fitting costs! Installation of your bathroom suite will be the most plumbing-heavy job of the lot. You should expect around 6-10 hours of work, at a total cost of around £300-£600.

Estimated Bathroom Suite fitting costs | Basin £80 - £140, Toilet £80 - £140,  Bathtub £150 - £400
Fitting a basin, toilet, and bathtub will set you back £300-£600, taking 6-10 hours.

Bathroom fitting costs for showers and enclosures

Another crucial component. Shower installation times vary massively depending on whether you’re replacing an old one or installing a new one from scratch. Replacement showers can be ready to go in as little as two hours. A fresh install, however, may take a full day of work. Manual, thermostatic and electric showers all come with similar install costs, ranging between £300-£600, depending on the complexity of your water system. Combine this with the work needed to install an enclosure and total cost will be in the range of £500-£1000, with an install time of 6-12 hours.

Bathroom fitting costs for showers and enclosures | Shower - £300 - £600, Shower Enclosure - £250 - £400
Both traditional and electric showers will cost between £300-£600 to install, while the enclosure itself should be around £250-£400.

Bathroom installation costs of tiles & flooring

Bathroom installation costs for walls and flooring are the most difficult to gauge. This is because prices will fluctuate wildly depending on the size of your bathroom. When tiling walls and floors, expect to fork out £50-£70 per square metre. Based on the average UK bathroom size of 4.4㎡, you’re looking at around £220-£310 to tile a floor. Wall tiling is a bit more difficult to calculate. With windows and other obstructions having to be taken into account, you’ll need highly accurate measurements of the area of each wall you wish to tile. Professional tiling can take anything from 5 hours to 2 days, depending on the size of the area.

Alternatively, vinyl flooring is cheaper and far less time-consuming. Expect installation costs of around £100-£200 and installation time of around 4 hours, based on the average UK bathroom.

Underfloor heating systems, while not cheap, have become more affordable in recent years. Electric underfloor heating systems (that use wire coils to generate heat) can be installed for around £75 per square metre. On the other hand, be wary of ‘wet’ underfloor heating systems. These often require a lot of plumbing work and can be incredibly difficult to implement, potentially adding thousands of pounds to your bathroom installation costs.

Bathroom installation costs of tiles and vinyl flooring | Wall & floor tiling - £50-£70/m2, Vinyl flooring £100-£200, Underfloor heating £75/m2
Tiling will cost around £50-£70 per square metre, while an entire vinyl floor can be installed for between £100-£200. What a steal!

The bathroom installation costs of rails & radiators

All bathroom renovations can benefit from good heating. While lavish towel rails and stunning period radiators can elevate the style of a space, they’re also remarkably functional. Both options offer towel storage and, most importantly, an efficient means of keeping a bathroom warm. For radiators and heated towel rails you're looking at around £200-£300 to install, taking around 2-4 hours, depending on the complexity of the plumbing involved.

Bathroom installation costs of heated towel rails and radiators | Towel rail - £200-£300, Radiator £200-£300
Both heated towel rails and dedicated radiators come with estimated installation costs of £200-£300.

Additional bathroom installation costs you may have forgotten about...

Now you’ve totted up the costs to install your crucial components, it’s important to consider the costs of potential add-ons. Read on if you want to avoid a scare when picking up your bill!

Extractor Fans: If you’re converting a regular room into a bathroom, you’re going to need adequate ventilation. An extractor fan will cost around £150-£250, and take around 4 hours to install.

Waste Removal: Yep. Getting rid of that worn-out old bathroom suite comes with a price tag too. Installers will charge around £150 per tonne of waste, though you may be able to save money by hiring a skip.

Ceiling Lighting: For your safety, you’re gonna need IP rated lighting in your bathroom. If you don’t have this water resistant lighting already, it’ll cost you around £300.

All prices are based on estimates from several local bathroom installers. Rates listed in the article exclude costs of materials and bathroom products. Estimates valid on 20/06/19. Installation costs will vary substantially based on many factors such as; room size, cost of materials, and the part of the country you live in.