How Do Water Saving Showers Work?

By Ahlam Abdulaziz

25th Jan 2023

3 mins read

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If you were wondering how water saving showers work to reduce your water consumption and energy bills, then read our guide for the full breakdown.

How do Water Saving Showers Work?

The UK receives a large amount of rainfall however, there is still a demand for water which is growing at a steady rate of 1% per year. This is due to the limited natural and man-made methods for water storage.

An average of 140 litres of water is used per day and the cost for each household bill is continuously increasing - 44% since 1989. So, what can you do to make sure that you are saving water and money? 

In this guide, we will explain how water-saving showers work and which eco-friendly products will contribute to reducing your water bills and saving the planet.

Eco-friendly Bathroom Products

In recent years, we’ve heard the term ‘eco-friendly’ being mentioned more frequently than not, but what does it mean? Eco-friendly simply means products that are not harmful to the environment and the user, but they’re also there to help conserve resources like water and energy. 

Although baths can be relaxing and stress relieving, they are not the best cost effective method if you want to reduce your energy bills. One great solution would be switching some of your bath routines to showers, but you can also go one step further by using water saving showers.

How Water Saving Showers Work

Choosing the right shower for your bathroom is extremely important, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to sacrifice on an enjoyable showering experience to reduce your water usage.

Water saving showers will reduce the amount of water that is used when the shower runs by regulating the flow, temperature or by aerating the water. By doing so, it allows you to reduce the amount of water that is coming out of your shower head by up to 50% whilst still having a revitalising experience.

Top brand Grohe has developed ingenious water-saving shower designs that are loaded with functionality and style. GROHE EcoJoy collection feature various ways to reduce the water flow which in return help you save water, such as the integrated flow limiter, an Eco button or a spray dimmer.

The Rainshower Icon, Eco and Solo hand-held shower heads all feature an Eco button, which allows you to reduce the water used by up to 40%. As for the Euphoria range, they feature a spray dimmer on the shower face, which allows you to gradually reduce the volume of water used.

The ideal shower would be the Grohe precision flow thermostatic shower mixer from the EcoJoy collection. It reduces water and energy consumption, providing you with the perfect amount of water at the right temperature with no unpleasant fluctuations. The Grohe precision flow shower mixer is also family-friendly as it has a SafeStop button that prevents children from unintentionally turning up the water temperature too high.

Grohe Precision Flow Thermostatic Shower Mixer

If you’d like a quick upgrade, then we recommend that you just swap out your old shower head for the Euphoria EcoJoy Cosmpolitan stick shower handset. This water-saving shower head fits all standard shower hoses. It has an integrated flow limiter to reduce water consumption with other features such as a SpeedClean anti-limescale rub clean nozzle and DreamSpray technology, that efficiently and equally distribute water. 

Grohe Euphoria EcoJoy Cosmopolitan Stick Shower Handset

Now that you know how water-saving showers work, we hope that you have found this guide helpful. Make sure to browse the rest of Grohe's shower systems.



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