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Hotels in the UK With Freestanding Bathtubs

By Trinity

27th Jan 2022

4 mins read

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Victorian Plumbing's list of the top 8 hotels in the UK with freestanding bathtubs.

Hotels in the UK With Freestanding Bathtubs

Whether it be a weekend getaway or a two week excursion, when it comes to hotels we all want to be able to participate in luxuries that aren’t afforded to us at home. And what says luxury more than hotels with freestanding bathtubs in the room?

If you haven’t before, it’s definitely time to consider a staycation to participate in the utterly frivolous, yet beautifully intimate experience of having a bathtub in your hotel room. So for a list of places to soak by the seaside, feel calm in the countryside, and enjoy luxury in the inner city, read ahead for our top 8 Hotels in the UK with freestanding bathtubs.

1. Ukiyo Summerhouse

Named after the Japanese word "Ukiyo", meaning "the floating world", where better to float than in the Ukiyo Summerhouses’ beautiful freestanding bathtub? Overlooking the coastal view of the village of Coverack, Cornwall, Ukiyo Summerhouse is great for a seaside getaway. Ukiyo Summerhouse consists of two double bedrooms - the master bedroom being home to beachwood decorated, freestanding bath. Perfectly placed just by the window, overlooking Coverack Cove, this hotel with an in-room bathtub is a must see.

Ukiyo Summer House with Freestanding Bath
Ukiyo Summerhouse, Cornwall Image Credit: Ukiyo Summerhouse

2. Squirrel’s Nest

Tucked away in the trees of Powys, Wales, is the most stunning copper bathtub in Squirrel’s Nest. Cadowellen’s Treehouse is a rustic space that radiates warmth through its natural woods and colours, and a copper bath matches the aesthetic of this countryside retreat perfectly. Although having a bathtub in your living room might seem an odd concept, the copper bath ties this room together beautifully. If you're looking to recreate this rustic look at home, copper freestanding bathtub is a must have!

Copper Freestanding Bath In Squirrel's Nest Treehouse
Cadowellen Treehouse, Squirrel's Nest, Powys, Wales Image Credit: Squirrel's Nest

3. Foxhill Manor

If the British countryside is where you like to go to feel at peace, and you happen to be travelling with a partner, a romantic getaway at Foxhill Manor is a stunning suggestion. Within their traditional Oak suite resides not one, but two, luxury freestanding baths. These twin in-room slipper baths are surrounded by a beautiful four poster bed, a homely lounge setting, and a fireplace feature, making this the ideal setting for honeymooners. We love the sense of luxury a freestanding bath brings to not only a bathroom, but bedroom too!

Twin Luxury Bathtubs In Foxhill Manor
The Oak Suite, Foxhill Manor, Cotswolds Image Credit: Foxhill Manor

4. King Street Townhouse

Overlooking the Manchester Town Hall and clock tower are the traditional freestanding bathtubs at the King Street Townhouse Hotel. If a view filled with history and tradition sounds like something you’d like to see when taking a bath, this hotel should be at the top of your list. The elegant suites at the King Street Townhouse come complete with a regal roll-top bath that matches this modest yet distinguished room superbly.

Roll Top Traditional Bath At The King Street Townhouse
Suite Room, King Street Townhouse, Manchester Image Credit: King Street Townhouse

5. Gotham Hotel

As a hotel inspired by Gothic style and Art Deco decor, the Gotham Hotel on King Street is not for those looking for a typical getaway. Set in the former premises of Midland Bank, what better way to top off the black and white striped carpet, gothic drapes, and an emperor-size bed, than with a decadent brushed brass bath. Take in the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s decor whilst soaking in this double ended slipper bath, fit for a king, as you sit in a hotel known as the King of King Street.

Brushed Brass Bathtub At The Gotham Hotel
Bank Manager's Suite, Gotham Hotel, Manchester Image Credit: Gotham Hotel

6. Babington House

Built in 1705, Babington House is a manor located in 18 acres of English countryside in the heart of Somerset. Reminiscent of the settings we have seen in period dramas like Downton Abbey, Babington House consists of 33 bedrooms, many of which feature an in-room bathtub. The traditional roll top bath, with an earl grey finish and white claw feet, is a tasteful addition to the rooms available in the Main House of this hotel.

Traditional Bathtub At Babington House
Main House, Babington House, Somerset Image Credit: Babington House

7. The Standard

If you’re looking for London hotels with bathtubs in-room, The Standard located in the King’s Cross neighbourhood is an excellent pick. The Junior Suite and the "Suite Spot" come featuring a sleek and modern bathtub with a matt black finish. However, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, opt for one of their Junior Suite Terrace rooms and have a bath right outside your bedroom window! Taking a bath on your hotel room terrace should be on everyone’s bucket list, British weather permitting, of course.

Modern Freestanding Bathtub With Matt Black Finish
Junior Suite Terrace, The Standard, London Image Credit: The Standard

8. The Dunstane Houses

If you’re looking to try hotels with copper bathtubs in- room but treehouses aren’t for you, then perhaps a trip to the Scottish countryside might be more your style. Soak up the views of the Pentland Hills whilst in a copper, roll top bath in the bay window available in the Dunstane suites.

Freestanding Copper Bathtub At Dunstane Houses
The Dunstane Suite, The Dunstane Houses, Edinburgh, Scotland Image Credit: Dunstane Houses

And that concludes the tour of our top picks for hotels in the UK with freestanding baths. If you have become enamoured with any of the bathtubs you’ve seen in this list and want to try to recreate one of these looks at home, feel free look through our luxury freestanding bath range.



Trinity is one of our expert bloggers in bathroom design and DIYs. Read her blog posts for the latest coverage of style trends and easy-to-follow guides.

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