Guide to Creating a Unique Bathroom

By Rob

5th Feb 2014

3 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

From small items to full restorations, we take a look at how to give your bathroom a unique image.

light bathroom with food finishes

Is your bathroom lacking that certain something? Do you wish it stood out a little more perhaps? Are you tired of visiting friends’ houses and finding they have almost identical décor to you? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding yes then it may be time to give your bathroom some tweaks. We’ll explain the best way, regardless of your budget, to create a unique bathroom space that you can really be proud to show off.

Creating a unique bathroom doesn’t always have to mean huge purchases, or even obvious upgrades, sometimes the key to great design lies in more subtle touches. The main things to consider here are your budget and your overall goal. Set out with a sensible budget in mind and try and stick to your final vision as closely as you can, avoiding changing your mind often as this can lead to a mismatched feel. Also, be very careful of overdoing things, it’s no good going all out to create a unique bathroom if the end result is an avocado suite with luminous pink wallpaper!

Complete Renovations

The overall effectiveness achieved by your choices of décor helps to determine how original your bathroom is. It may sound difficult to make your bathroom stand out for all the right reasons, but it just takes a little imagination and some research to get those creative juices flowing. If you’re completely renovating your bathroom then you need to be thinking about tiling options and what fittings you’re going to need.

Your choice of tiling is important as it is the backdrop to the room. Pay close attention to colours, maybe highlighting certain areas by using a different colour to your main hue to attract the eye. Following tiling, the next task is to focus on your fittings. Be aware of the size of your bathroom here, as you want to keep space at a premium. For a striking centrepiece, we suggest looking at installing a natural stone bathtub as this excellent upgrade will provide you with a beautiful place to bathe. If you don’t fancy a bathtub, tower showers and wet rooms are fantastic alternatives that will really enhance your bathroom.

Following this, you may want to think about matching toilets and basins. These items don’t have to follow any conventional styles at all. High level toilets, for example, look amazing in traditional settings, with their stunning period inspired image and the presence they have.

For more modern bathrooms, wall hung toilets are a good bet as they have a cool, ‘floating’ appearance, while square toilets are right on trend at the moment. Basins, meanwhile can be supplied in various sleek designs, such as stand mounted, or counter top basins. For a custom look, why not go for black fittings? As baths, toilets, and basins in a colour that isn’t white is unusual and will give your bathroom a genuine designer edge.

Subtle Upgrades To Your Existing Bathroom

You don’t have to start completely from scratch to make your bathroom a nicer place to be, as there are countless ideas out there that are cost effective and simple to install. Lighting, for example, can be used to great effect, with under cabinet strip lighting being a good way to highlight an area, while LED showerheads can be added for a futuristic feel.

Accessorising is always a good idea. Taps can be upgraded to more elaborate affairs, such as waterfall or freestanding versions, while shower heads and arms can be changed for more stylish items. Your day to day bathroom products such as tumblers, towels, and bath mats can also easily be harmonised to suit your theme.

If you’re feeling lavish, there are a number of high quality waterproof TVs available that would look amazing in the right bathroom environment. The only real limitation to creating a truly unique bathroom is your mind, so let your imagination take control!



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