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By Rob

12th Feb 2014

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Having trouble deciding on what basin to get, we have some helpful advice for you.

Modern bathroom basin

When it comes to choosing the perfect basin for your bathroom, it can often feel like there are a confusing amount of options out there, but it doesn’t have to be a complex decision, as we explain…

Types of basin

The first things you need to consider are the different types of basin available, and the advantages that each one has. Here, we will outline the various styles you can choose from.

Wall mounted basins - These are great if space is an issue, which makes them an ideal option for en suites or guest bathrooms due to their compact nature.

Pedestal basins - A great idea for showcasing your style regardless of whether you have a contemporary or more traditional styled bathroom. Sleek, smooth basins look fantastic in modern settings as their simplistic lines lend themselves well to this style. More ornate, elegant examples are fantastic for period influenced settings. Pedestal basins conceal pipework, giving a more refined look.

Stand mounted basins – If you want to make a real statement, these basins will complement any traditional bathroom effortlessly, adding to the surroundings to create a beautiful vintage influenced appearance that will have a timeless appeal.

Semi Recessed basins – These items are very practical as they can be integrated into a counter top to save space while looking funky at the same time. Ideal if you’re searching for a more contemporary, trendy image.

Counter top basins – A recent trend, these basins are great for creating a more unique look as they are not too commonplace at the moment. Combining one of these basins with a wall mounted or a freestanding tap will give off a very modern, designer image that is sure to impress those who see it.

Inset basins – For a great way to obtain a contemporary look while retaining space, these basins are a great option as they not only look fantastic, but they also take up little room.

What basin is right for my bathroom?

Now we’ve had a little look at the different styles, it’s time to access which basin is right for your bathroom. The main thing to think about here is the size of the room, as space will determine which basin is best suited. It’s a good idea to take some measurements prior to buying a basin to avoid any unwanted surprises come fitting time.

For larger bathrooms you have the freedom to fit pretty much any style of basin you wish, so make a statement with a pedestal basin or if your bathroom has a more traditional theme, a stunning stand mounted basin. These items will provide a great overall effect. A wall mounted basin is a great option for smaller bathrooms as they don’t take up too much room.

Semi recessed and inset basins are a great choice if you have a more contemporary bathroom, as these designs work extremely well with modern lines and décor. They also have the advantage of being practical, as they provide a great solution to any storage issues as they are often integrated into vanity units or cabinets.

Counter top basins are the ideal item if you want bespoke looks. Best suited to modern settings, these basins are beginning to grow in popularity and it’s not hard to see why!

Also, remember to think about matching your basin to your bathtub and toilet for a harmonised look.

A word about taps and wastes

When selecting taps for your basin, remember that two tap holes require separate taps, while one tap hole requires a mixer of some kind. Choose the style of tap according to your general theme in order to get a complementary item.

Waste options include slotted and unslotted. The type you require depends on whether your basin has an overflow or not. Basins with overflows need a slotted waste.

Style wise, there are numerous options, including traditional plug and chain wastes, as well as pop up wastes, which are more commonly found on modern items.

Hopefully you now have the confidence to select the perfect basin for your bathroom!



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