Guest Bathroom Ideas

By Joe

29th Jul 2013

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Bathroom Ideas

The guest bathroom has become a place for fun, creative expression with the weird and wonderful being featured. This is a post filled with dog wallpaper, whale patterns and stripes - we did warn you!

Guest Bathroom Ideas

Many of us have a small downstairs cloakroom, used mainly for guests. The often awkward sizing of this room and its sometimes lack of natural light can make decorating this room rather difficult. We've noticed a real surge in demand for cloakroom or guest bathroom suites. Today, customers are full of ideas for this room; We're now seeing the most creative and wonderful little projects emerge from a lack of freedom! 

As guest bathrooms aren't necessarily the most used in the house, they're perfect for adding quirky and fun features which will become great conversation points and memories at dinner parties and other visits. You can allow guests use of your bathroom whilst still knowing they're not going into a boring and dull space. It's also great for your peace of mind, how many times have we blindly panicked when a guest trots off upstairs and we have visions of towels on the bathroom floor, toothpaste in the sink and streaky, water-marked glass! 

Where to begin:

The best place to start is with the toilet and basin, these are generally in every guest bathroom regardless of size. If you're really short on space or have an awkwardly sized room, there are some great solutions available from corner toilets to small wall hung basins. To keep costs down, try to keep fixtures in their existing positions meaning less pipework for your plumber. If you would rather not replace your fixtures, try freshening them up with a new set of taps or a lovely solid wood toilet seat. 


It's our belief that you should pick a theme for the guest bathroom, even if it's a subtle one. Nautical is a really popular one, but we've seen some really innovative looks recently, with dogs, peacocks, London and the Beatles making appearances. Firstly we need to get rid of the clutter, a carefully curated set of toiletries and cosmetics can really say a lot about a person, so if you're keeping up appearances, hide the E45 and bring out the posh moisturisers. Grab a couple of brand new hand towels whilst you're next shopping too, these should stay in the guest bathroom. Some new fragrant soaps stored in something like a glass cloche will make sure your guests always have a fresh supply of essentials. 

The walls are where it's at with the guest bathroom. Choose some really quirky wallpaper with floral or other bright patterns on, this'll really bright up the room. If you would rather paint, consider stripes or a feature wall for added personality. Finish these walls off with a collage of framed prints or a couple of mis-matched mirrors to keep in with the look we're seeing.

Make sure your light, whether electrical or natural is bright, clean and fills every corner in the bathroom. Keeping the room really fresh and inviting will ensure your guest's comfortable stay at your home. 

Check out our Pinterest board, to which we'll be adding fun and beautiful guest bathrooms regularly. 



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