Fasten Your Seatbelts - It's Our New TV Advert!

By Rob

19th Oct 2015

3 mins read

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Join us on a galactic adventure as our latest TV advert prepares for take-off!

Victorian Plumbing Advert

There’s been a bit of a buzz around the office lately. That’s because we’ve been putting the finishing touches to our brand new TV ad! Over the past few months we’ve seen the general concept gradually come to life and it’s now ready to launch – quite literally in fact as there’s a space theme going on this time!

No, we haven’t lost our marbles; we just thought it would be a good idea to mix things up a bit and do something a bit different for a bathroom company. Our last advert was really well received and that’s mainly due to the fact that it was totally unexpected from a business like this. Once again we partnered with production company Blac Ionica, who came up with the idea of playfully showing that our range of products and customer service is ‘out of this world’.

So how would we get that across on TV then? Well, the ad is completely made using CGI and follows one of our vans on its travels. During its journey the camera spins around to the back of the van a few times and each time a different bathroom suite is revealed. The twist is that it then takes off from a runway and eventually forms a squadron with several other Victorian Plumbing vans, eventually ending up in space.

Joe Pascoe, Marketing Manager at Victorian Plumbing, said: “We’re delighted to launch our new TV campaign, featuring our van which literally goes to the ends of the earth to deliver the bathroom of your dreams. It’s a fun creative which reflects our brand identity whilst showing some of the great products and price points we’re known for.”

Throughout the advert, the super-catchy song ‘Woo Hoo’ by the’s plays (we guarantee you’ll be humming it to yourself for hours afterwards!) and is accompanied with a rather wry voiceover.

To coincide with the launch of our TV ad, we’ve also created a video game called ‘Planet Plumb’ which will be playable on our homepage! The insanely addictive game features a flying van (naturally!) which you will need to guide through a complex series of pipes without crashing. There will also be discounts available for customers who manage to reach certain stages of the game too, so make sure you look after that van!

We’re really looking forward to hearing the response that our new campaign gets, so if you want to let us know your thoughts then feel free to comment on our Facebook page or tweet us @victorianplumb. In the meantime, we’ll be busy scouring the galaxy for ideas for our next advert!

Rob, Victorian Plumbing



Rob is part of the resident bathroom bloggers team here at Victorian Plumbing. Rob loves writing in depth bathroom buying guides and is renowned for his expert 'how to' step-by-step DIY guides. He can also be found posting about the latest bathroom trends and ideas and also hunting out bargains and savings for our customers.

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