Famous Bathrooms and How You Can Recreate Them

By George

4th Aug 2021

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Bathrooms often play just as important a role in film and television as they do in our real lives.

Famous Bathrooms and How You Can Recreate Them

They're places where stories are told, where romances blossom, and where stars get away to unwind after a stressful day of action, comedy and drama.

So, we've looked at some of the most iconic bathrooms from the screen and matched them with our range of bathroom products and accessories - giving you an idea of what it'll take to recreate them.

The hotel bathroom from Pretty Woman would cost £4,793.10 to recreate

When Julia Roberts submerged herself in all those bubbles, you won't have been alone in wishing it was you. The huge bathtub and its gold accents offered the perfect place for the star to unwind and enjoy an excellent Prince song, before Richard Gere offered the deal that the film would revolve around.

If you just want some extra time for yourself, you'll need to spend around £4,793.

This Large Heritage Basin and Washstand will add a touch of vintage style to any space, with gold fixtures and fittings complementing the stand it sits on.

Pair that with a Burlington Gold Towel Ring for even more touches of glamour, before getting to the main event: the bath. While most bathrooms won't support a tub of that stature, we're sure you can find space for this Burlington London Bath with Curved Surrounds. This deep bath lets you sink right in and surround yourself with as many bubbles as you can dream of. Stick some Prince on and soak.

The full Pretty Woman bathroom collection:

Fictional Bathroom: Pretty Woman

Dare you wash in the bathroom from The Shining?

The bathroom scene in The Shining is one of the film's most famous - and disturbing - moments. As Jack enters room 237 to try and find the foe that confronted his son, he's met with more than just some very bold decorative choices. But if you can pull your eyes away from what chases Jack out into the corridor, you can appreciate the stylistic decisions behind the 70s bathroom. The green walls are very much back in bathroom fashion, with pistachio coloured fixtures being bang on trend (and far less scary) in 2021.

But the elements that really make this bathroom so standout are the lights. We promise ours won't flicker quite so menacingly, and with a Semi-Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light and Oblong Wall Light, you'll be able to illuminate everything that does, or doesn't, happen there.

Get The Shining bathroom range:

Fictional Bathroom: The Shining

Store all 11 categories of towels in this Monica inspired bathroom

The Friends set is one of the most famous of all time, and the bathroom played no small part in its success. From Chandler discovering his love for bath salts to Joey famously gauging a hole in Monica's dingy floor, a lot happened in Courtney Cox's on-screen bathroom that made the show what it was.

While we can't guarantee yours will be full of such comical moments, we can help you recreate the 90s look. Free-standing baths are making a real comeback, creating a fantastic centrepiece if you want to go for a retro look. This Burlington Georgian Mirror will also help you keep your Rachel Green hair looking on point before you head out to entertain your guests.

Oh my god - The Monica bathroom is available for £1,777.57:

Fictional Bathroom: Friends

Carrie Bradshaw's bathroom gives you the New York look without the New York price tag

Carrie's bathroom in Sex and the City was more about practicality that style, with the columnist too busy chasing her next story - and Mr Big - to spend too much time soaking in the tub. The small New York bathroom was designed in a minimalist look that is quickly coming back into fashion after the last few years of more sumptuous tastes, and her Steel Enamel Bath is something that will never go out of style.

In tight spaces storage is essential, which is where items such as these Corner Shower Baskets really come into their own. All of this will only set you back £761.96, helping you achieve a timeless bathroom design that is both practical and within budget.

Get the whole Carrie Bradshaw collection:

Fictional Bathroom: Sex and the city

The Simpsons' bathroom has been setting trends since 1989

Little did Matt Groening know that his design for The Simpsons' family bathroom would go on to inspire a decade of fashion choices.

The pistachio green seen on the toilet, sink and bath has been one of bathroom stylists' most popular colours in recent years, with countless designers unknowingly recreating the look.

Homer and Marge spent many hours in their bathroom, with Homer famously losing, then quickly regaining, most of his weight on the bathroom scales. Krusty and his monkey even popped round to enjoy a quick soak, all making the most of the unwitting style icons' eye for design.

We can't help you out with a full pistachio bathroom set, but we can provide this gorgeous Pistachio Toilet Seat

Recreate Homer and Marge's bathroom for only £665.85:

Fictional Bathroom: The Simpsons

Here's the lowdown on the costs involved in recreating the top 15 bathrooms from TV and Film:

  • Harry Potter: Gryffindor Bathroom - £6,096.74
  • Scarface: Tony Montana's Bathroom - £5,968.23
  • Pretty Woman: Hotel Bathroom - £4,793.10
  • Home Alone Bathroom - £2,769.30
  • Austin Powers' Bathroom - £2,401.65
  • The Shining Bathroom - £2,321.42
  • Russian Doll: Maxine's Bathroom - £1,892.46
  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Bathroom - £1,654.23
  • Friends: Monica's Bathroom - £1,777.57
  • The Holiday: Iris' Bathroom - £1,296.80
  • Sex and The City: Carrie Bradshaw's Bathroom - £761.96
  • The Simpsons' Bathroom - £665.85
  • Girls: Hannah's Bathroom - £562.14
  • Pulp Fiction: Vincent Vega's Restaurant Bathroom - £398.15
  • Trainspotting Bathroom - £99.95

Want to create a bathroom style of your own? We stock thousands of bathroom products, fixtures and fittings to suit any look, whether inspired by the big screen or thought up by yourself. Make the most of our big bathroom brand offers and feel like a Hollywood star. For more bathroom inspiration, stick with us here on the Victorian Plumbing blog.



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