There’s a common scenario many of us face when taking a bath and that’s the annoyance of messy looking bath shower mixers. You know the things we mean; always getting tangled up when you go to use them and then you can never get the hose to look neat again once you’ve finished using it. In short they can be a nightmare; but luckily there’s a solution!

Our new bath shower mixer handset holders are a perfect way to not only make your bathing much less stressful, but they also look pretty good too. Coming in either a sleek round option or an ultra-modern looking square example, these items will certainly make life a bit easier for you as their unique design has been developed to eliminate the issues other products can have.


These mixer handset holders have numerous advantages. The first being that the units are developed so that the arm can actually be attached to the body of the mixer, which keeps the hose neat and tidy when not in use and stops everything becoming a tangled, unsightly mess. This also removes any need to drill into your tiles in order to provide somewhere to hang the arm.

They are also super-easy to install as they feature a universal fitment that will work with any bath shower mixer hose connection. They can be adjusted into various positions too, so you can tailor them to suit your specific requirements with minimal fuss.

Exclusive to Victorian Plumbing

We’re the only online bathroom retailer to supply these fantastic handset holders, and these exclusive products are also very affordable, which means making the upgrade makes even more sense. Handset arms are an ideal addition to your basket once you’ve selected the bath mixer you want. If you want to have a bathroom where you can bathe in peace, without worrying about hoses wrapping themselves around your toes, then these products are definitely the choice for you!

Rob, Victorian Plumbing