Spotlight On: Bristan Electric Showers

By Rob

12th Jun 2014

3 mins read

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Adding a Bristan electric shower to your bathroom will give you a luxurious touch that is also practical for those who are usually in a rush of a morning.

Bristan electric shower

When it comes to choosing a high quality electric shower for your bathroom, there are few names as well recognised as Bristan. As one of the biggest companies within their field, they have been supplying high quality showers and taps for over 30 years. Their range of electric showers feature excellent, contemporary designs that will complement any modern setting.

A bit of history

Founded in 1977 by two guys named Brian and Stan (you can see what they did there!) Bristan began in Birmingham and initially supplied taps to DIY chains. During the 90’s Bristan began to sell showers as well as taps to a wide variety of sources. As the company began to grow, people began to take notice and in 2004 they were bought by Masco, who are a global housewares company.

What can they offer?

The stunning range of Bristan electric showers feature stunning contemporary looks and combine them with an affordable price tag, making it easier than ever to create a fantastic looking bathroom. As electric showers heat the water on demand, they are an ideal option for busy family bathrooms or if you’re often in a rush of a morning. Many of the sleek designs of their showers feature easy to use functions and have neat touches such as chrome dials and digital temperature displays for a more designer feel.

For a more luxurious way to cleanse, Bristan have created a shower with touch button controls, which also gives the product a more refined, sophisticated look. Their electric shower range also features anti-limescale technology to help reduce the unsightly build-up that can occur over time due to the moisture present in bathroom environments.

Each one of their products is manufactured to the highest possible standard and is designed by a specialist team in order to make sure they look and perform just right. They also create ranges of showers, taps and accessories that are designed to work together, generating a coordinated appearance for a more stylish bathroom.


To ensure that each product meets the required standards, Bristan thoroughly test items at every stage. They have an on-site test room and their engineers perform quality checks throughout the build process to bring you the best possible items as a result. They are also created so that they are easy to fit, saving any headaches later down the line. They also stock thousands of spare parts which can be ordered online, prolonging the life of your shower as if something gets slightly worn the specific part can simply be replaced rather than the entire unit. All their electric showers also come supplied with a two year guarantee to assure you of their reliability.

So if you’re looking for the perfect way to improve your showering experience, or save some time of a morning, choosing a Bristan electric shower will give you the modern looks and practical livability you desire.

We’ve sourced some of the finest Bristan items available and we’re pleased to present them to you. Why not take a look at our stunning range of electric showers and find your ideal upgrade today.



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