Offering a host of benefits over the showers of old, the latest wave of electric and digital showers have managed to tackle a number of longstanding gripes. Gone are the days of showers being rudely interrupted by someone doing the dishes. Say goodbye to being pelted by baltic downpours as you wait in vain for your shower to heat up. Clever new tech has even put a stop to those fickle old showers that go from subzero to scalding hot temperatures without your permission.

The contemporary shower experience is now a blissful, stress-free one and (if you haven’t already) we think it’s about time you got on board. With this in mind, we’ve put together a short guide to electric and digital showers, along with some recommendations of our own.

A brief guide to electric showers

What are electric showers?

While mixer showers work by combining hot and cold water supplies, electric showers use an internal heating element to instantly heat cold water to your desired temperature. This reliance on just a single cold supply allows the temperature of an electric shower to go on unaffected by other people in the house using water; i.e. someone running a tap.

The ability to instantly provide hot water is, without a doubt, the selling point that put electric showers on the map. However recent revisions in electric shower design have made them even more appealing. Most new electric showers now feature thermostatic components, pressure-balancing valves and auto-shutoff functions.

These clever bits of bathroom tech allow you to accurately set temperatures without the risk of being hit by sudden surges. They also work to keep flow at a constant rate, and can even completely cut out in the event of detecting a problem with your water supply. In addition to this, they’re now much more aesthetically appealing and can easily improve a bathroom’s look.

Learn more about how digital showers work here.

Why do you need an electric shower?

With so many of advantages over standard mixer showers, almost anyone can benefit from upgrading to an electric one. However, electric showers are especially helpful for big families and busy households. This is due to the fact that they allow users to shower around the clock without living in fear of running out of hot water.

The only instance in which we'd advise you to avoid upgrading is if you’re unfortunate enough to live in an area plagued by power outages. While some electric showers can come with backup power systems, in most cases, if the lights are out hopes of a quick freshen up are gone too.

Is it easy to upgrade to an electric shower?

Upgrading from a standard mixer shower? Your bathroom will already have the required cold water supply. You’ll just need a professional installer for wiring and fitting the unit. If you’re upgrading from an older electric unit, installation should be even more simple. Be sure to check that your water supply meets the pressure requirements of your new shower beforehand; you may require a trusty shower pump to boost it.

Our top 5 most popular electric showers:

The AQUAS AquaMax Flex Manual X-Jet 9.5KW - Style and substance combine to make this AQUAS shower a truly standout choice. Its unrivalled design sports a unique ‘halo’ showerhead that works to give off an almost futuristic vibe. On top of this, the shower is packed full of high-end electric shower features such as a 5KW Eco setting; perfect for the summer months.

The AQUAS AquaMax Flex Manual X-Jet 9.5KW
AQUAS AquaMax Flex Manual Electric Shower

The Triton Aspirante 9.5KW - A striking brushed steel fascia, clean lines and ultra-minimalist styling. The Triton Aspirante is a true statement shower. But it’s not all about the looks. ‘Easy turn’ controls, a 5 spray head, and an innovative phased shutdown function allow the Aspirante to keep up with spec sheets of more expensive electric showers.

The Triton Aspirante 9.5KW
Triton - Aspirante 9.5kw Electric Shower

The AQUAS AquaMax Flex Smart 9.5KW - Sharing a near-identical design to the previously-mentioned AQUAS shower, this beautiful electric unit is equipped with an elegant Smart 200 rainfall style overhead shower. Its fibre reinforced tank makes it less prone to limescale damage.

he AQUAS AquaMax Flex Smart 9.5KW
AQUAS AquaMax Flex Manual Smart Shower

The Triton T300si 10.5KW Remote Electric Shower - Don’t let its understated look fool you. The Triton T300si hides a lot of power under its discrete plastic casing. Numbered temperature controls make it easy for you to find favourite settings, while its flush-fitting design allows its heating unit to be situated up to 3.5 metres away; ideal for bathrooms in which space is at a premium.

The Triton T300si Remote Electric Shower
Triton T300si 10.5kw Electric Shower

The Bristan Smile Electric Shower - Our personal favourite of the bunch, the Bristan Smile Electric Shower simply exudes luxury. With its sleek white casing and easy-to-use controls, the Smile boasts 3 power settings to suit different needs, including; Cold, Eco, and Hot.

The Bristan Smile Electric Shower
Bristan Smile Electric Shower

A brief guide to digital showers

What are digital showers?

Similar to a standard shower mixer, a digital shower combines both hot and cold water supplies, but it responds digitally to the thermostat temperature. This type of shower is effectively controlled remotely. The flow of the shower and the temperature can be set via smartphone app, control unit or the shower unit itself.

The majority of digital showers make use of attractive digital LED displays. These are often easier to read and more simple to operate than traditional shower controls and can give bathrooms an almost futuristic vibe.

Most digital showers allow you to change the temperature to the precise degree, vary the flow, and even countdown timers that stop the shower after a specified amount of time. Some digital showers even offer smartphone integration, allowing you to control your shower via an app to warm the water before you even step inside.

Why do you need a digital shower?

Over the past few years, smart tech has started infiltrate almost every room of the home. We’ve started automating our living rooms with smart bulbs, and our kitchens with voice assistant speakers that reel off recipes. Why should the bathroom be an exception?

While still in their infancy, and by no means commonplace, digital showers currently represent the height of bathroom luxury. Choosing one is the simplest way to make a statement in your bathroom is to adopt one of the latest additions to the shower market.

Is it easy to upgrade to a digital shower?

Upgrading to a digital shower is a relatively straight forward process for your plumber and electrician. Some digital shower brands even manufacture some of their parts differently for easier installation! Why not go for popular brands like Mira, Aqualisa or Triton (suggested models below).

Our top 5 most popular digital showers:

The Mira Mode Ceiling Fed Digital Shower Mixer - The unconventional ceiling fed design of this Mira Mode digital shower truly makes it stand out from the competition. Smart, simple showering at the touch of a button, the Mira’s controller uses vivid LED lights that flash while the shower is warming up, then remaining solid once it is ready for use. You can also control the shower with your smartphone via the Mira Mode App, setting the duration and temperature before you get in.

The Mira Mode Ceiling Fed Digital Shower Mixer
Mira Mode Ceiling Fed Digital Shower

The Aqualisa Q Smart Digital Concealed Shower - A beautiful unobtrusive option. The Aqualisa Q’s control is a minuscule, full-colour HD display. With this innovative puck-shaped device you’re able to adjust the temperature to the precise degree, alter the flow, and even set the duration. It's even equipped with an on-trend rainfall showerhead to complete your bathroom’s modern look.

The Aqualisa Q Smart Digital Concealed Shower
Aqualisa Visage Q Smart Shower

The Mira Mode Dual Rear Fed Digital Shower Mixer - The third most popular digital shower on our site comes in the form of another stellar option from Mira Mode range. Comprised of the same technical features, this dual rear fed model has the bonus of having a rainfall shower head as well as a powerful hand shower.

The Mira Mode Dual Rear Fed Digital Shower Mixer
Mira Mode Dual Rear Fed Digital Shower

The Triton HOME Digital Mixer Shower - Triton’s take on the digital shower is a unique one. We’re big fans of its refined, ‘candy bar’ shaped controller. From here you precisely alter the temperature, determine the flow, and also switch between the shower’s overhead shower and body shower functions.

The Triton HOME Digital Mixer Shower
Triton HOME Digital Mixer Shower

The Mira Platinum Dual Ceiling Fed Digital Shower - Specially designed for high-pressure systems, the Mira Platinum is a highly popular option for those who crave exhilarating showers. Filled with all the features you’d expect, and controlled wirelessly to fit the increasingly popular smart home aesthetic.

The Mira Platinum Dual Ceiling Fed Digital Shower
Mira Platinum Dual Ceiling Fed Digital Shower

We hope you've enjoyed our helpful guide, and that you've found an enticing electric or digital shower that suits your space. If you're still searching for 'the one', you're can browse our entire range of quality showers here. For further inspiration and a smorgasbord of bathroom D.I.Y. tips, head on over to our Bathroom Inspiration Blog.