Dream Bathroom Ideas

By Joe

18th Sep 2013

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Bathroom Ideas

It's time to buy the bathroom of your dreams. But where do you start? Check out our great tips and mood boards on creating the look!

dream bathroom

At some point or other, we all think about our dream bathroom ideas (especially here at Victorian Plumbing, where we see beautiful bathrooms all day, every day!).

While styles change and trends come and go, some wished-after items remain in demand. It may be that you've always wanted a whirlpool spa bath, or for others it could be that a large glamorous mirror is a must-have.

When the time finally does come around to getting the bathroom you've always wanted, it can feel like Christmas. Like the 25th of December, the build up can often be a little bit stressful; With plumbers to find and book as well as sourcing all the fixtures, essentials and accessories, you can expect it to get a little bit manic at times.

That being said, the idea of your luxury dream bathroom should do it, remember to always refer back to your dream bathroom ideas and inspiration for a quick pick-me-up and a reminder of what the hard work is for.

Imagine a morning in that dream shower you've always wanted, or treating yourself to a late-night soak in your new luxurious bathtub.

Check out our run-down below of what others are buying for their once-in-a-lifetime bathroom, these hotel style bathrooms are great sources of luxury bathroom ideas!

Walls and Floors:

Well thought out walls and floors are what sets a luxury bathroom apart from your average washroom. Nearly everyone can buy great looking fixtures but it takes a keen eye to bring them all together with the room's surrounding decor.

If you're going for a clean and modern overall look, we recommend using decadent textures tiles to create a feature wall.

You could even splash out with some wood cladding for the walls for the contemporary nordic look, normally reserved for luxury spas and hotels.

More traditional bathrooms will benefit from light walls, preferably white to keep the bathroom feeling up-to-date whilst remaining influenced by classic design. Why not add some decorative cornices or some crackle-glazed metro tiles to the room, to get the old-bathroom feeling?

We're noticing more and more luxury bathrooms are fitted out with slick dark flooring, whether with tiles or wood, we think this look will become more popular than ever.

Fixtures and Fittings:

If you're looking to invest in a great luxury bathroom, than we say invest in great fixtures. Brands such as Hudson Reed and Burlington amongst others are leading the way in their fields of contemporary and traditional retrospectively.

Nine times out of ten, we see luxury bathrooms with free-standing or roll top baths. These range from the minimal and modern to the decorative claw-footed traditional and are sure and easy way of creating a luxurious focal point. Treat your bath like your fireplace in the sitting room - the rest of the room should flow around it.

In a world where we can't always make time for a bath, the luxury shower has stepped in as an alternative, too. Spending in the shower is the best way to brighten up each day.

Accessories and Finishing Details:

We recommend spending time thinking about your accessories in the bathroom. Set aside dedicated time to get rid of all that clutter. If you haven't used that bottle of body wash in the past couple of weeks, chances are you won't be using it in the future. Luxury bathrooms are all about a carefully curated collection of things.

Once you're done with a cosmetic, store it away to leave only the most attractive of objects in the room. Browse great home magazines such as Livingetc, GoodHomes and Period Living - do you see any high-end beautiful bathrooms with a half-filled Colgate toothpaste on the windowsill? We don't either!

Traditional bathrooms will always benefit from a lovely traditional mirror. Think about decorative shapes made from chrome or either white or dark walnut wood to finish the room off.

We're also seeing a big rise in the popularity of unframed mirrors, which use bevelling and mosaic for a stand-out design. Modern bathrooms can be finished off with a top-of-the-range mirror too. Think about Bluetooth functionality or heated demister mirrors with flattering LED lighting.



Joe regularly blogs on his favourite new bathroom design ideas and picks up on bathroom trends found in magazines and though social media. Keep your eye our for Joe's bathroom buying guides and his expert 'how to' step-by-step DIY guides.

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