Many of us have experienced the fright of those unexpectedly huge bills, but it’s not just our finances that take a hit. Wasteful water habits have a detrimental effect on the environment too.

While it may seem like a distant worry, the results of our continued sloppiness are already starting to show. The Environmental Agency has recently warned that Britain will experience water shortages within just 25 years if we don’t drastically change our ways...but let’s not dwell on the doom and gloom just yet.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to make a big difference. Though you may be ready to go full eco-warrior, it’s probably best to start by putting a leash on your home’s water before trying to change the world. We’ve selected a couple of stand-out sustainable solutions for you to consider, all of which will go some way to shrinking your water consumption; and your utility costs.

Eco-friendly products: hansgrohe’s EcoSmart range

Just been stung by a massive water bill? Reckless basin taps and inefficient showers should be your prime suspects. Older taps around your home can use around 14 litres of water per minute. Showers consume even more. Luckily, hansgrohe’s latest eco-friendly range has been designed with this in mind.

Suitably dubbed the ‘EcoSmart’ collection, all hansgrohe products under this umbrella have been equipped with clever water-saving technologies. These innovative products can cut water usage by up to 60% when compared with conventional products. An EcoSmart tap, such as this hansgrohe Talis E 80 Mixer massively restricts water usage to around 5 litres per minute, while still providing a luxurious flow.

The hansgrohe Talis E 80 Mixer Tap
The Talis E 80: An elegant example of hansgrohe's highly efficient 'EcoSmart' taps.

This impressive reduction is achieved by EcoSmart’s unique aerator, housed inside the tap’s spout. First, the aerator substantially limits the flow. It then infuses the water with a jet of air, making a technically weaker stream seem just as full and powerful as a wasteful one.

EcoSmart showers and shower heads, such as the affordable hansgrohe Crometta Vario EcoSmart 2 Spray Hand Shower work in a similar way; with an aerator fitted into the shaft.

The hansgrohe Crometta Vario EcoSmart 2 Spray Hand Shower
The Crometta Vario is an excellent sustainable shower head. All hansgrohe products with EcoSmart tech will serve to lower your water consumption.

This EcoSmart shower head will reduce flow to just 9 litres p/m, almost halving the flow of conventional power showers that can burn through in excess of 17 litres p/m.

So, if you’re set on making your home more sustainable (or, frankly, just want a cheaper utility bill) hansgrohe’s EcoSmart products are an affordable, easy to implement means of doing so.

Make your toilet more efficient with a single sustainable product

Toilets can heavily impact water usage too, with older valves using up to 13 litres per flush. For an average family of four, lets just say that flushing can add up to an outrageous amount of water wastage. We won’t scare you with the actual figures.

To combat this (and become a shining example of sustainable living) we suggest upgrading to a dual flush system. These modern valves allow you to put a cap on water usage by limiting the water level within your cistern, and allowing you to choose from two different flush volumes.

While most modern toilets feature this as standard, a dual flush valve is a relatively simple upgrade if you have an older toilet. Our valve of choice? The Viva Skylo Dual Flush Valve.

The Viva Skylo Dual Flush Valve
Installing a dual flush valve, like the Viva Skylo, can more than halve your toilet’s water usage.

Competitively priced and benefiting from high build quality, the Skylo is an easy to install dual flush valve that will certainly ease some of those water conservation worries. This particular valve allows you to adjust both flush volumes to your preference. We suggest setting the half flush to 3 litres and the full one to 6 litres; we’d be very surprised if you needed any more power than that.

Prior to buying, be sure to check your toilet’s cistern. If it was installed in the past ten years, it’s likely you already have a dual flush built in.

Practice sustainable living by changing a few bad habits

Although EcoSmart products and dual flush valves will do the lion’s share, we can’t rely on bathroom tech to do all the work. If you’re not careful, wasteful habits will void your water-saving efforts, so we've put together a handful of tips to help you change your ways:

Taps off when brushing - We know you’ve heard it all before, but seriously, switch them off! Leaving the water running while brushing can add up to an astounding 900 litres of wasted water per month.

Washing up wrong? - Blasting suds off your favourite crockery with your kitchen tap? You’re doing it wrong. Instead, once you’ve washed everything in a bowl of soapy water, refill the bowl with fresh water to rinse. Despite needing two bowlfuls, you’ll still use far less water than you would by rinsing each item individually.

Stop flooding your food! - When boiling your favourite veg or rustling up spaghetti, please refrain from sending food to the depths of the Atlantic ocean, in pans filled to the brim. Not only is this wasteful but it also takes more energy to heat, weakens flavour, and washes away nutrients.

So now you know. All it takes is a little bit of effort and a few tiny tweaks to shrink your water bills, and make your home more sustainable. Liked our ideas? Check out the rest of hansgrohe’s collection, including the EcoSmart range, here.