Creative Ways To Use Decorative Tiles

By Rob

15th Sep 2015

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We take a look at how you can add some character to your bathroom by using decorative tiles to achieve some amazing effects.

Creative Ways To Use Decorative Tiles

If you're looking at giving your bathroom a completely new look then you've probably already thought about all kinds of single-colour tiles for both the walls and the floor. Maybe you plan on using white metro tiles for a timeless look?, or perhaps you fancy some black slate floor tiles to add a touch of sophistication? These are all great ideas but hold on! What if you fancy creating something with a little more personality; something a bit bolder than the usual designs? Well, that’s where decorative tiles come in…

Transform your walls

The first part of the renovation you need to think about is what wall tiles you'll be using. As the backdrop to the room you need to get this right so it's definitely recommended that you spend a good amount of time researching different styles to see what works and what doesn't before settling on a look that’s right for you.

The important thing to keep in mind here is that you need to avoid choosing colours that don’t complement each other (let’s face it nobody wants to see a yellow and purple bathroom!) Using too many different patterns will also cause tiles to clash with each other, leaving you with a room that looks far too busy as a result. A good rule to follow here is to stick with neutral colours elsewhere in the room if you are using a patterned tile to highlight certain areas. This will avoid any nasty style errors while allowing the decorative designs to really take centre stage.

So what style should you go for then? Well, we’re seeing more and more people opting for Moorish tiles at the moment. These can look absolutely amazing but it’s best to limit the use of them as their bold patterns can overwhelm the room if you’re not careful. They are best used for highlighting specific areas, drawing your eyes to them. Patterned grey tiles are also hot news right now. Grey is the in colour for this year and being a neutral shade it’s a trend that stands the test of time too! We've seen some stunning grey options available including multi-tone mosaics and damask designs which have a really sophisticated look to them.

Of course you don’t have to choose something just because it’s the current fashion. If you want a more elaborate look then there are plenty of options that will offer you this; just remember not to overuse any patterns which are funkier than the norm (and don’t forget you can also get some really smart wallpaper patterns too if you don’t want to use tiles!)

Create amazing floors

Moving onto the bathroom floor now and this is another big opportunity to showcase your creative flair. Pick something which will work in harmony with your choice of wall tiling and you won’t go wrong. Recently, having entire patterned floors has become fashionable, and this does look amazing in fairness but there are several unwritten rules to getting it right…

First of all, if you are going down this route, choose a subtle pattern as something too elaborate will just end up hurting your eyes! You also need to either stick with a pattern that will complement the colour of the walls. Lastly, if you have patterned floor tiles, it’s best to either keep to plain tiles with your walls or use the same pattern to highlight specific parts of the wall such as borders or around bathtubs. This will help to tie the whole look of the room together.

If you just want to pick out certain parts of the floor to use a patterned tile on then it’s best to either stick to positioning them around the edges or perhaps creating an isolated square of pattern in the middle of the room, which can have a really nice effect. As long as the colours you decide on either complement or contrast well with the rest of the room then the finished result should look stunning.

Not just for large bathrooms

It’s worth us mentioning here that you don’t have to have a bathroom the size of a football field to rock the patterned tiles look. In fact, decorative features are ideal for smaller settings such as cloakrooms or en-suites as they can lift the gloomy, claustrophobic feeling that can affect these areas, and give them a bright and cheerful look instead.

We’re tipping decorative tiles to be a massive trend next year, and with some truly sensational looking bathrooms already starting to emerge, this is certainly something to keep your eye on if you’re planning a new look!

Feeling organised? Why not use our tile calculator to measure your room and get an idea of how many tiles you'll need? It'll put you one step closer to your dream bathroom!

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