Creating the Ultimate Victorian Bathroom for Under £1000

By George

10th Jan 2018

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Traditional taste but on a budget? We've got you covered.

Creating the Ultimate Victorian Bathroom for Under £1000

There’s a reason Victorian and Edwardian bathrooms have stood the test of time. Subtle lines, muted colours, and elegant design all combine to create cosy spaces that can relax or invigorate you.

The grace and grandeur of these classic Victorian bathrooms may have led you to believe that they are out of reach. Imposing slipper baths, stately vanities, and exposed shower valves all seem like they should cost a small fortune.

However, quality and affordable traditional options are now becoming more and more prevalent. Opting for full traditional suites and shower packages can work to cut costs, while a plethora of cheaper accessories can be implemented to provide those finishing touches.

We’ve put together a list of the key components for a traditional bathroom to demonstrate how you can create the ultimate Victorian bathroom for under £1000.

The Traditional Bathroom Suite

The cornerstone of every great bathroom is a great bathroom suite. Usually comprised of a bathtub, a sink, and a toilet, bathroom suites offer a cost-effective way of achieving a consistent look across your most important fittings.

When it comes to traditional bathroom suites, you'll struggle to beat the Oxford Traditional Free Standing Single Ended Roll Top Bath Suite.

Let's start with that tub. A marvellous single-ended freestanding bath complete with elaborate chrome feet. This statement piece comes in two sizes to suit almost any space.

We suggest considering installing it flush to the wall in a compact bathroom. Alternatively, utilise it as a focal point by placing it centrally in a larger room.

The accompanying traditional toilet and basin are equally arresting. Both boast matching sumptuous curves and gentle lines with a glossy white finish. The toilet is accentuated with the addition of a complementary luxury ceramic cistern lever handle.

The basin, on the other hand, requires some appropriate traditional taps. These Regent Traditional Basin Taps fit the bill, and are available at a very tempting price point.

Timeless Metro Tiles

Now let’s address your bathroom’s walls. A misjudged bathroom tile choice can quickly undo all of the hard work you put into making your traditional bathroom seem authentic. Our recommended way to achieve a cultured vintage bathroom is through the use of timeless metro tiles.

Metro tiles, such as these striking grey Victoria Metro Wall Tiles, have been an enduring staple in traditional bathrooms. A sleek gloss finish paired with an uncomplicated rectangular design, tiles like this have been used since the early 1900s and even adorn the walls of the London Underground.

We’re particularly fond of them in grey, an on-trend tone that works to put a modern twist on your walls while keeping them staunchly retro. Understated to allow your other traditional components to take the limelight; they’re even easy to clean too.

Splendid Twin Exposed Showers

Functional yet highly decorative. Traditional showers simply ooze class and make much more of an impact on a bathroom’s style when compared to the white plastic showers of today. The aptly titled Ultra Traditional Exposed Thermostatic Shower Package is our shower of choice here.

Glorious exposed pipework, a polished chrome fixed shower head, and long-lasting heavyweight brass construction. All of these features combine to create an excellent example of why these traditional shower designs remain popular today. This option even benefits from a modern thermostatic valve. This works to blend hot and cold water and can cut out completely to prevent scalding if the cold water supply fails.

Sublime Shower Ovals

If planning on installing a traditional shower mixer to your freestanding bathtub, you’re likely to admire one of these. Shower ovals are a truly extravagant means of hanging your shower curtain and a surefire way to boost your bathroom’s traditional credibility.

Old London’s Chrome Shower Oval is an excellent ceiling-mounted choice that can serve to further highlight your tub. Its solid brass tubular construction will ensure longevity and will require little care to keep your timeless bathroom...well, timeless!

Victorian Elegance Mirror

You didn’t think we’d forget about a bathroom mirror, did you? The final component of our sub £1000 traditional bathroom is brimming with individuality, so much so that it’ll make your new bathroom standout amongst the very finest Victorian renovations.

Designed to be situated above your traditional sink, this Victorian Elegance Wall Mirror’s wide oval shape allows ample space for you to admire your reflection. Its small shelf and antiqued hooks offer storage space to keep your essentials tidy.

The standout aspect of this mirror, though, is its stunning matte black finish. An ideal accompaniment for those grey metro tiles.

Traditional Bathroom Accessories?

Unless you’ve gone overboard on said tiles, we still haven’t exhausted our £1000 budget. That leaves you with some pocket money for some accessories. The key here is to keep it minimal.

Traditional bathrooms are at their best when free of clutter, so being excessive with add-ons can be detrimental. We suggest adding an unobtrusive wall mounted soap dish, or a ceramic light pull to match your traditional toilet’s lever.

We hope this guide has helped you realise that fantastic Victorian bathrooms can, in fact, be affordable. Shopping for traditional bathroom suites and complete shower sets can helps keep costs low, while metro tiles can work to instantly give your space a timeless retro vibe.



George is one of our interior experts. He loves to write about the latest bathroom trends and he's a dab hand with bathroom DIY too.

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