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By Trinity

22nd Jul 2022

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The Victorian style is a timeless aesthetic, but how can you implement it into your bathroom in a way that’s authentic and fashionable? Follow our style guide on how to get the ideal Victorian style bathroom.

Victorian style white bathroom

How to get the ideal victorian style bathroom

The Victorian era produced some iconic styles that have been replicated and remade time and time again. Defined by its decadence and use of rich colours, the Victorian aesthetic is all about the small details. Despite being a style from over 100 years ago, Victorian design merges well with modern aesthetics and when implemented correctly this unique style can create timeless home interiors.

Follow our top tips on how to create the perfect Victorian style bathroom.

Aim high with a high level cistern toilet

For a truly traditional bathroom, a good place to begin is with the key bathroom furniture and fixtures. A high level cistern is the ideal way to implement a Victorian style inspired decor. The exposed pipework coupled with a delicate yet functional hanging flush handle makes high level toilets a beautiful component to incorporate in a classic Victorian bathroom. The Old London Richmond High Level Traditional Toilet is a great example of a traditional toilet and its wooden soft close lid provides that extra classic detail.

Say no to basic basins

When it comes to traditional style basins, there are a couple of options to choose from to create the perfect Victorian bathroom. The basin style that stands out the most is the traditional washstand basin. Often featuring chrome pipework (which matches a traditional high cistern toilet perfectly!) a classic washstand is an elegant addition to any bathroom.

However, whilst a washstand has come to be the most memorable traditional basin, a more accurate representation of Victorian style is a pedestal basin. A pedestal basin paired with traditional chrome taps is an equally flawless way to achieve that classic style. A basin like the Nuie Carlton Traditional Basin and Pedestal is the perfect way to pull off a timeless look.

Find a freestanding claw foot bath

Arguably the fixture that will take centre stage in a traditional Victorian inspired bathroom is a freestanding claw foot bath. The elegant shape of a freestanding bath, often in a roll top or slipper style fashion, combined with the intricate details of a chrome claw foot is the ultimate statement piece. Finish off the look with some traditional bath taps and you’re on your way to having a stunning classic style bathroom.

Timeless tiles

The Victorian style is all about patterned tiles with ornate designs. For an authentic Victorian look, our Kingsbridge Black Patterned Wall and Floor Tiles are an ideal choice. The traditional combination of black and white integrated into an intricate tile pattern is perfect to offset against any chrome fixings in your bathroom furniture.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a less busy way to style your tiles, white metro tiles also function well in a traditional Victorian space. Why not add a border of black metro tiles along the top or through the middle of your bathroom walls for some extra detail!

Opt for a retro radiator

Heating wasn’t great during the Victorian era but thanks to improvements made to heating systems, you can find a radiator that is both functional as well as meeting your traditional style needs. If you’ve opted for a washstand and traditional toilet that features chrome piping, complete the look with a traditional radiator. The Savoy Traditional Radiator is a prime example of how to incorporate the Victorian style in a way that’s both stunning and effortless.

Traditional mirror meets modern technology

The perfect way to finish off a Victorian look is by accessorising with a traditional mirror. As with the rest of your bathroom furniture, the way to pull off this look is by going for a mirror that’s ornate and intricate. A mirrored cabinet like the Chatsworth Blue 2-Door Mirror Cabinet captures the look of traditional decor.

However, just because you like an old fashioned look does not mean you have to remain stuck in the past when it comes to bathroom technology. You could opt for a mirror that looks traditional but features LED lighting like the Burlington Framed 120 Mirror with LED Illumination in Classic Grey. This is ideal for those who love modern technology hidden in classic designs!

Hopefully you feel inspired by our top styling tips when it comes to pulling off a traditional Victorian aesthetic. For the best results be sure to remain consistent when implementing classic decor!



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