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25th Jul 2013

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Warm, traditional, rustic and inviting. We're really big fans of the country bathroom. Check out our inspiration boards as well as some handy style tips and ideas, helping you achieve this look!

Burlington country bathroom single basin mixer tap

Like most people, we often day dream about our perfect home and what it would look like. When we think about the bathroom, we've always imagined it to be the quintessential country bathroom with a mixture of functional and stylish features. The country look is really one that is appreciated by many, working well in even the smallest, pokiest rooms.


Where to begin with a Country Bathroom:

The best place to start, as with many bathroom jobs is the ceramics. We believe that picking the right ceramics for your country bathroom really sets your project off on the right foot. Your options here are to go a some simple yet traditional toilet and basin suite with a regular pedestal basin. You can also go for a more noticeable stand mounted basin, with either a marble or chrome stand instead of your regular pedestal. Those looking for bathroom furniture may want to choose a counter-top basin, which offers a casual and relaxed feel to the room when used with tall or wall mounted taps.

Once you have decided on a suite for your country bathroom, it's best to think about a bath. We recommend really investing here, because the bath is key to achieving the soft country style. If your budget allows for it, go for a free standing traditional roll top bath. We would consider painting it in a neutral shade such as a calico or a grey. This colour can be introduced around the room to tie the look together.


Walls & Floors

Flooring is really important in a country bathroom. Generally, we would recommend traditional floorboards with either a whitewash or a really dark, luxurious stain. Smaller, more ornate tiles work well here too; Our dream bathroom would have penny-round tiles on the floor in a French-whisper grey or a light mint colour. For the walls, it really depends on the project. A grand master bathroom in a large home would benefit from mouldings and wall-coverings whereas a smaller bathroom might look great with some great photographs or a simple canvas or two. We've seen a lot of vintage and really mis-matched mirrors recently, the unframed, ornate type your Gran would have above the fire. Look for mirrors with etchings or bevelled detailing to create a focal point above your basin.


Accessories & Finishing Touches

This is the point where you can really begin to add your own touch to the bathroom. There are many decorative accessories available for the country bathroom thanks to a real revival of the country, vintage look. Try to source some originals though, rather than just high-street buys to give the room some character and to stop the look feeling forced. Materials you should look out for are tin, copper, wood and fabrics. In our country bathroom, we would have some bushel crates to store towels and linen as well as a large tin milk jug or watering can, possibly filled with some bright lavender or some bundles of wheat. If you're looking for an easy way of creating or sourcing something for your walls, look out in some car-boot sales for old imagery such as some botanical drawings.

The country bathroom is really an easy one to master. Simple decorative touches with a soft and welcoming atmosphere can be the difference between a dull, uninspiring room and a really great rustic bathroom.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Country Bathroom Inspiration pin board.

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