Have You Considered Upcycling?

By Ally

11th Dec 2015

3 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Find a new purpose for furniture pieces that you would have previously thrown away.

Have You Considered Upcycling?

Upcycling in the bathroom

If you are giving your bathroom a revamp you’ll probably have a lot of items that you want to throw away. Why not find a new purpose for them instead? With a little imagination, upcycling can completely transform your surroundings, giving you something that can be stylish, practical and most importantly, unique to you!

What is upcycling?

Upcycling, although not a new concept, has gained popularity over the past few years due to an increased awareness on the environmental impact waste can have. Repurposing items can have a positive impact on the environment when all components of the final product’s sustainability are considered.

So, is upcycling just like recycling? Recycling usually requires the breakdown in composition of material before it can be turned into a new product. Whereas, repurposing is a real alternative to simply placing unwanted items in the recycle bin and allows you to transform the piece into a new product.

Why should I be upcycling?

Repurposing can be a fun DIY activity; many people view upcycling as turning unwanted items into treasured pieces. If you have ever done arts and crafts at any stage in your life, you will probably realise that it has been around for a while. Each upcycled piece can be a real style statement in your home. For example, you can turn unwanted bath taps into robe hooks, an old ladder into a bathroom storage shelf, or, turn an iconic Pashley Bicycle into a pedestal basin!

Food for thought

Looking to add a touch of character to your home? Some things to consider before venturing on your upcycling journey are:

You don’t have to source ‘vintage’ items from a car boot or a charity shop. Use items you already have in your home that you feel need a revamp, which can be friendlier on your budget.

A lot of people are scared to try upcycling. Don’t be worried about what other people think of your final product. You’ve created something that is personal to you and you have found a new purpose for an item that might have ended up in the bin.

Make sure surfaces are smooth by sanding them down before painting to give an even surface to decorate on.

If you are planning on re-upholstering, stick to plain fabric for rounded pieces; anything with patterns or stripes will be distorted when the fabric is stretched around this shape.

Why not give it a go and add some creativity to your life? Bring some fun to your interior design. And who knows. You may possibly create a piece that you will treasure forever.

Have you picked up some upcycling ideas and inspiration from our expert guide? We would love to see the things that have been upcycled in your home. If you would like to share your pictures with us, you can do so in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.



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