Column Radiator Styles for Your Home

By Trinity

8th Jan 2022

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You may have heard that column radiators are energy efficient, but how efficient are they really and what are the best column radiator styles for your home?

white column radiator exposed brick

You may have heard that column radiators are energy efficient and be considering one for your home. If this is the case, what are the different types of column radiators available to you and what styles can you integrate into your home?

We’ve put together 9 different styles for column radiators and what benefits they can bring to you this winter!

Heating Efficiency

As it turns out, the column radiator’s design isn’t just for style. The columns that make up column radiators help increase their surface area, allowing them to heat up a room much quicker. This makes them energy efficient because you won’t have to turn them on so far ahead of time in order to reach your preferred temperature. Also, because they can reach your set temperature sooner, this means they won’t have to be on for as long.

9 Column Radiator Styles for Your Home


2 column radiators

2 column radiators are great for smaller rooms and narrow spaces like hallways. They have a smaller projection off the wall compared to other column radiators which is what makes them ideal for those tight spaces. Despite their narrow composition, you can still get 2 column radiators in an array of designs. There are vertical 2 column radiators, as well as horizontal 2 column radiators, all in a variety of colours and sizes.

3 column radiators

So when it comes to 2 column radiators and 3 column radiators, what’s the difference? Whilst column radiators are quite slim, 3 column radiators have a larger projection off of the wall. Whilst this may make 3 column radiators less practical for small spaces, the additional columns allows for a greater BTU output. This makes them more suited to larger rooms that require a greater heat output in order to warm the space.

It’s also worth noting that there are also 4 column and 6 column radiators, each capable of a higher BTU output than the size before!

White column radiators

Just because you’re opting for a white radiator doesn’t mean it has to be boring. That’s the beauty of column radiators. Not only can they be beneficial when it comes to energy efficiency, but their unique column design is already incredibly stylish. Choosing a white column radiator can be a way to incorporate a simple but elegant style to any space.

Raw metal column radiator

Raw metal column radiators are a bold choice, but in the right space they can truly be a great addition. Great for industrial or rustic inspired spaces, raw metal column radiators are great for those who want to implement a practical radiator that also functions as a design centrepiece.

Keswick column radiator

Keswick is one of our top brands when it comes to column radiators. With one of the biggest ranges in styles available, Keswick provides quality column radiators to suit any home. Inspired by a traditional cast iron style, Keswick column radiators are a perfect blend of traditional looks with modern features.

Anthracite column radiator

Anthracite column radiators ooze luxury and sophistication. If you’re aiming for a modern or monochrome vibe, an anthracite column radiator is the ideal addition. Whether you want a vertical or horizontal column radiator for your home, an anthracite radiator will fit into a suave space effortlessly.

Traditional column radiator

For those committed to the traditional aesthetic, a cast iron column radiator is a classic choice. For that timeless intricate detailing along the columns, Paladin is great for traditional column radiators. Small but mighty, their traditional cast iron column radiators are ideal for heating spaces quickly.

Tall column radiator

If you have limited width when it comes to wall space, tall column radiators are a great choice. Not only are they able to provide the same heat output as a larger horizontal radiator, but they bring a unique and designer feel to a space.

Small column radiator

Smaller column radiators, in terms of height and width are equally as practical and stylish. If you are limited in space, column radiators like the Keswick cast iron 4 column bench radiator can be a great solution. The additional bench added to the low level radiator can help you make best use of your space.

And that concludes our tour of 9 column radiator styles for your home! Whilst being greatly energy efficient, column radiators are also a unique and stylish addition to any space.



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