Crowded coffee shops, bustling commutes, and even lively living rooms are all common stomping grounds for enthusiastic readers. None are ideal. A special book should be enjoyed in a tranquil environment, free from life’s stresses.

At Victorian Plumbing HQ, we believe this elusive reading space should be the bathroom. So, to celebrate Book Lovers Day 2019, we’ve put together a few quick tips to help turn a bathroom into a bookworm’s paradise.

For those who aren’t yet familiar, Book Lovers Day is celebrated on the 9th August every year. It’s an opportunity to encourage and celebrate reading, while also inspiring people to refrain from reaching for smartphones, and other distracting technologies. The unofficial holiday also champions reading for its health benefits, such as its ability to help promote sleep and ease stress.

Our favourite products to get your bathroom reading ready

A modern bath for contemporary greats

Have a taste for those sprawling modern classics? We can’t think of many better settings for your escape than this Verona Black Freestanding Modern Bath. A luxuriously deep tub in an on-trend gloss black finish, the Verona offers ample room for you to get settled in for a long read. We suggest accompanying the tub with minimalist decor to create a space free of any distractions.

The Verona Black Freestanding Modern Bath
The Verona: A modern showstopping tub that you’ll want to spend more and more time in.

A traditional bath for those classic novels

For those who find themselves delving into more traditional literature, the Duke 1795 Traditional Roll Top Bath is a stunning option with period-authentic styling. Another grand freestanding piece, the Duke sits proudly upon intricate chrome feet. Spacious yet highly stylish, consider utilising this tub in a Victorian-inspired setting. Simply add a few candles and for a truly immersive experience.

The Duke 1795 Traditional Roll Top Bath
The Duke 1795 is an elegant, period-inspired roll top tub excellent for unwinding.

Read on in comfort with a bath pillow

If you plan on spending a fair while in the tub, you’re gonna need a pillow. Even the highest quality ceramic tubs will start to put a strain on your head if spending too long horizontal. Our pick: the Wenko Florida Bath Pillow. This functional foam pillow is covered with anti-slip material and suction cups to give you extra reassurance when reading in the bathroom. The only support you’ll need for those lengthy page-turners.

The Wenko Florida Bath Pilow
This simple Wenko bath pillow is all you need to ensure your comfort in the tub.

Light up your bathroom with a scented candle (or two)

While reading by candlelight can tire the eyes, a scented candle can really serve to create an inviting atmosphere in the bathroom. The soothing aroma, when combined with the essential oils of your bath, can work to put your senses at ease and encourage attentive reading. This Wax Lyrical Fired Earth Chamomile & Violet Boxed Glass Scented Candle is layered with delicate citrus notes and boasts a burn time of approximately 55hrs, ideal for burning through a number of books.

The Wax Lyrical Fired Earth Chamomile & Violet Scented Candle
Great for creating a zen vibe in the bathroom, this Wax Lyrical chamomile & violet scented one has a base of musks and precious woods to encourage calm.

Need help finding Goodreads for Book Lovers Day?

When it comes to books, everyone has unique taste. With this in mind, instead of trying to recommend some our personal faves we thought it would be better to direct you to a place where you can discover your own. Goodreads have collated an all-encompassing selection to Celebrate Summer Reading. If you haven't yet found your book for Book Lovers Day you'll easily find one here. From thrillers to fantasy, romance to science fiction. Get trusty book recommendations from bookish celebrities and literary experts.

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