If you’re considering a complete bathroom renovation, it’s likely you’ve entertained the idea of a going retro with its styling.

In recent years, gorgeous decorative crosshead taps, grandiose vanities, and iconic freestanding tubs have all become synonymous with high-end bathrooms.

This has made traditional bathroom products all the more prominent here at Victorian Plumbing HQ, with many big-name brands producing their own classically inspired collections.

Chatsworth Bathrooms have become one of our best selling traditional brands, with their impressive fixtures and fittings all possessing a consistent traditional look.

But why are the brand’s products so popular across the site? We took a deep dive into the Chatsworth’s extensive range to find out.

What makes Chatsworth Bathrooms unique?

  • Authentic-Look Victorian Designs - Every item in Chatsworth Bathrooms’ collection has been lovingly crafted to resemble those found in luxurious Victorian bathrooms. Items in the Chatsworth furniture range, for example, make use of subtle design cues in the form of detailed wood panelling.
    Chatsworth Graphite Traditional Bath Panel Pack
    This uncomplicated Chatsworth Bath Panel is available in various sizes to suit most common bath shapes.
    This Chatsworth Graphite Traditional Bath Panel just shows how transformative the brand’s products can be in the way that it elevates the style of the tub with its clean and classic design.
  • A Huge & Varied Range - The Chatsworth Bathrooms brand boasts a comprehensive collection of over 250 quality products, allowing you to completely overhaul the look of your space in a satisfyingly uniform way. You’ll find in-depth ranges for furniture, suites, tapware, showers, baths, and more.
    Chatsworth 1928 Traditional Soap Dish Holder
    Tasteful details, such as the etched branding found on this Chatsworth Soap Holder, effortlessly add character.
    The brand even produces a number of intricately detailed accessories, such as the Chatsworth Soap Holder pictured above. These can serve as effective finishing touches to your space that will make you even more immersed in the retro style.
  • Well Suited Finishes - The array of attractive finishes used across the Chatsworth Bathrooms brand somehow manage to be faithful to the traditional aesthetic while also feeling fresh and exciting. Eye-catching hues like this are found across the range, from suave satin grey right through to dark graphite.
    Chatsworth Traditional Blue Sink Vanity Unit + Toilet Package
    The traditional blue finish found on this Chatsworth Vanity Unit & Toilet Package will provide a sophisticated look.
    The mesmerising blue finish pictured in the Chatsworth furniture above is especially worthy of note as it is a close match to the Pantone Color of the Year 2020, Classic Blue. The colour was chosen as the by a host of experts for its confident, reassuring qualities.
  • High-Quality at Low Prices - Though items in the range feature quality materials such as high-grade ceramic and solid brass, Chatsworth products are surprisingly competitively priced. In addition to this, each item is manufactured to high standards to ensure longevity. To sweeten the deal even further, Chatsworth supply most products with generous guarantees, too.

Who are Chatsworth Bathrooms for?

Simply put, Chatsworth Bathrooms are our top pick for shrewd buyers who want a luxurious, high-quality traditional bathroom without forking out for a big name brand renovation.

They’re also a good option for those who already own traditional bathrooms and just want to enhance the overall vibe of their space with intricately detailed accessories.

Brand Highlights

As there’s just so much to love, we thought it’d be helpful to highlight a few of our favourite aspects. Either of which could work as the basis for a renovation or as an upgrade to your current bathroom.

Define your new space with Chatsworth Furniture

When renovating, it is imperative that the furniture you pick exemplifies the final look that you want to achieve. Chatsworth Furniture, for example, can perfectly set the tone for an inviting traditional space. The range boasts everything you need to get started, from vanity units and small cupboards to tallboys and those stunning bath panels.

Chatsworth Traditional Blue Vanity - 560mm Wide
The Chatsworth Traditional Blue Vanity unit can be incorporated on its own as a focal point or together with other Chatsworth furniture items to create a pleasingly coherent look.

Try picking a handful of Chatsworth products in matching finishes, like in the picture above, to quickly bring that distinguished traditional feel to your bathroom. Alternatively, if your tastes are a little more eccentric, try mixing and matching furniture pieces to make a satisfying eccentric bathroom.

Accentuate with Chatsworth Taps

Tapware is another of Chatsworth’s strong suits. The brand features over 30 solid brass tap options all in glorious polished finishes and sporting elaborate designs.

We’re huge fans of this Chatsworth 1928 Lever Basin Mixer Tap. It’s gentle curves and classic lever handles can provide art deco flourishes to the relatively conservative styling found elsewhere in the range.

Chatsworth 1928 Traditional White Lever Mono Basin Mixer Tap + Waste
The Chatsworth 1928 Lever Basin Mixer Tap provides and almost art deco vibe, giving basins and vanities a decadent touch.

It’s not all about basins, though. The Chatsworth taps collection also includes a number of intriguing bath fillers too. This Chatsworth 1928 Wall Mounted Bath Filler is our pick of the bunch here, with its caringly crafted crossheads instantly bringing a certain Victorian flair.

Chatsworth 1928 Traditional Wall Mounted Crosshead Bath Filler Tap
Crossheads were a staple in stately Victorian bathrooms and this Chatsworth 1928 Wall Mounted Bath Filler allows you to achieve the look with ease.

Chatsworth taps can even be used to heighten the style of your current basin, bath, or vanity. Simply replacing your old taps can go a long way to refreshing certain aspects of a space, and you’ll be surprised at just how much of an impact the small job can have!

Has this intro to Chatsworth Bathrooms sparked your imagination? Browse the entire brand, here. For all other bathroom inspiration, keep an eye on the Victorian Plumbing Blog.