From humble beginnings making showers in a garage in Atherstone, Triton showers has now become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of electrical showers.

Triton has a range of products to cater to a variety of individual needs. Their range includes the highest quality electrical, digital and power showers that comply with British Electro-technical Approval Board’s Standards.

In case you don’t know how an electrical shower works, they take cold water and heat it with electricity, which means they never run out of hot water when in use. They’re ideal if you have a lot of people in your house and fighting for hot water in the morning! As electrical showers have to be supplied from their own fuse box, expertise knowledge is needed for installation to prevent the water from turning ‘live’. We recommend getting a Part P electrician to install it for you .

Looking to achieve a minimalist look? Triton’s innovative range of wireless showers will hide any unsightly plumbing, making them the perfect fit for a contemporary bathroom with their discrete control panels and chrome finish.

Developed with occupational therapists, and approved by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), their safeguard plus products has extra safety measures built into their designs to ensure safe showering for people who may require extra assistance. The products in this range are fully thermostatic to help prevent scalding and features audible alert to let people know when the shower starts and stops.

Take a look at our range of Triton products today and see if we stock a shower that is the perfect fit for your bathroom!

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