Whether you’re looking for a big bath to make a focal point or a two person bathtub to indulge in, we’ve looked at 5 of the biggest and best options available.

The Benefits of Big Baths

Indulgent Depth - Bath time isn't much fun if you’re only half-submerged! If your current tub has you having to fill it to the brim for a decent soak, you could certainly benefit from a bigger, deeper bath. The feeling of being completely immersed can work wonders, aiding relaxation and soothing sore muscles.

Extremely Comfortable - Small baths are often a nightmare for taller users. Choosing to swap yours out for a larger one, however, could help you achieve next-level comfort. With the additional width and length, you’ll find it far easier to get comfy in a larger bath.

Ultra-Stylish Focal Points - The impressive stature of large baths (particularly freestanding baths) makes them the ideal choice for those looking for a focal point. If you’re completely re-doing your bathroom’s layout, we suggest choosing a particularly showy option and placing it centrally. Allow it room and let it set the tone for the whole space.

Room For Two - Couples may be able to get the most out of big baths by sharing. These imposing two person bathtubs have more than enough room for both you and a partner to relax. If the idea of sharing isn’t very appealing to you, try and contextualise it as you doing your bit for the environment. Just think of all that water you could be saving!

Our Top 5 Two Person Baths

With our list this Valentines Day, we’ve made efforts to only pick baths that have room for two. Nobody wants that dreaded ‘tap end’.

We’ve also made sure that we stick to baths. Though they can make for excellent alternatives, hot tubs and shower cabins need not apply here!

So, without further adieu, here’s our top 5!

5. The Burlington London Round Soaking Tub

With its grandiose size and traditional styling this impeccable two person bathtub wouldn’t look out of place in a big-budget period drama! It’s constructed using high-grade 10mm thick Lucite Acrylic to ensure its durability and make it incredibly easy to keep clean. With its classic styling, this mammoth bath deserves to but put front and centre of any retro-inspired space.
Burlington London 1800 x 850mm Round Soaking Tub - E18
An impeccable choice for traditional bathrooms, the Burlington London Round Soaking Tub.

The Burlington London Round Soaking Tub is 1800mm in length and a whopping 850mm in width - plenty big enough for two people to share. It’s also designed for use with a freestanding bath tap - so the bath’s comfort won’t be taking a hit by any cumbersome deck mounted taps.

4. The Duravit D-Code 1800 x 800mm Double Ended Bath

Taken from Duravit’s D-Code range (an affordable collection of quality bathroom products sharing design cues), this 1800 x 800mm tub is simplicity at its finest. A large, durable double ended bath, it’s constructed of sanitary grade acrylic and finished in a dazzling Alpine white.
Duravit D-Code 1800 x 800mm Double Ended Bath + Support Feet
The Duravit D-Code is a highly popular big bath thanks to its build quality and affordability.

Each end is gently sloped to allow you to get comfortable at either end. The bathtub is supplied without tap holes too, allowing you to choose your preferred tap placement. The Duravit D-Code bath even comes equipped with support feet - for ease of installation.

3. The Burlington London Back to Wall Bath

If you found the Burlington freestanding tub we mentioned earlier appealing but were concerned about finding the room, you’ll love the Burlington London Back to Wall Bath. Similar in size but designed to fit squarely against the wall this traditional big bath is a true scene-stealer!
Burlington London 1800mm Back to Wall Bath with Curved Surround & Waste - Matt White
We're obsessed with this Burlington London Back to Wall Bath's curved surround.

Tuck this tidily into the corner of any traditionally inspired space and you’ll instantly heighten the luxury vibe. This back to wall bath comes with a stunning surround made of HDP polymer - a waterproof material that is resilient to water damage.

2. The Chatsworth Art Deco Double Ended Bath

Another classically inspired option, this two person bathtub from Chatsworth measures 1800 x 800mm and is constructed of high-grade acrylic. The tub boasts subtle Art Deco styling in the form of its uniquely angled lines.
Chatsworth Art Deco 1800 x 800 Double Ended Bath
The Chatsworth Art Deco Double Ended Bath is a truly unique choice for those wanting a retro look.

It’s equally at home as part of a traditional space or as a focal point in a modern room. Again, the tub comes with a set of bath legs and there are no pre-cut tap holes here, giving you full control over tap placement.

1. The Harmony Super Deep Two Person Inset Bath 

About as breathtaking as they come, the Harmony Super Deep Two Person Inset Bath is our favourite big bath. With a length of 1800mm and huge width of 1200mm it’s by far the largest on our list, too. Designed specifically for two users, each user has their own personal space with a gently raised back support - so you won’t be fighting each other for comfort.
Harmony 1800 x 1200 Large Super Deep Two-Person Inset Bath
The Harmony Large Super Deep Two-Person Inset Bath has been made to be tiled or built around, making it a flexible option for any type of space.

As its name suggests, it’s a super deep option with a height of 630mm that makes every bathtime feel like an event. It’s the simplest way to give a bathroom that spa-like feel. It’s designed to be built or tiled around, allowing you to effortlessly integrate it into your bathroom’s own distinctive style.

Harmony 1800 x 1200 Large Super Deep Two-Person Inset Bath
This spectacular two person bathtub is our pick for couples wanting to experience the height of luxury.

What About Alternatives to Big Baths?

For those who may not have the room or simply want additional functionality, there are a handful of effective alternatives to big baths;

P & B Shaped Shower Baths - P & B shaped baths are largely the same as standard shower baths but with the addition of a wider shower area to allow you to shower without fear of elbowing your bath screen! We’d recommend these if you want a larger bath but also the functionality of a shower.

Whirlpool Baths & Jacuzzi Baths - Get spa-style hydrotherapy from the comfort of your own home with a whirlpool or jacuzzi bath. These big baths use powerful massaging jets to ease any aches and pains and leave your muscles feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Found our guide to big baths helpful? Want to browse a wider range of two person baths? Try our entire baths range. For all other kinds of bathroom inspiration, stick with us on the Victorian Plumbing blog.