Bathroom Renovation Tips

By Megan

4th Jan 2024

4 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Renovating your bathroom can often be a stressful and sometimes complicated process. But, by implementing some of these useful tips and tricks, you will find the whole process much easier and stress-free!

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The bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to accomplish the perfect renovation, at least without encountering at least one or two problems. Friends and family probably don’t renovate their bathroom regularly either, so you’ll probably find they’re not full of bathroom renovation tips!

This room is sometimes inherently difficult without renovation stress, because like the kitchen, it incorporates the use of a water supply and electrical items. Mix these two elements in a confined space and add a few busy people rushing about their day-to-day lives and you would expect a disaster.

It helps to be prepared if you want to avoid any disasters. When it comes to renovating the bathroom there are a few aspects that you need to consider before beginning.


Set a Budget

Budgeting is the number one problem people come across when going through a renovation. It is usually because they haven’t given themselves enough leeway and have simply taken the quoted sum as the final cost. What is often forgotten is that many things can (and often do!) change between the beginning and completion of the project. It can be something as simple as encountering mould or mildew behind your old tiles and having to get rid of it, to your plumber accidentally dropping your shiny new ceramic loo down the stairs (it has happened, trust us!).

Remember, when setting a budget for your renovation, you’d be better off with contingency costs factored in than having to borrow extra money that hasn't been factored in.


Book a Plumber Once all Items Have Been Received and Checked 

One common mistake is hiring a plumber or fitter before having all of the items in your home, ready to be fitted. We recommend waiting until all items are present and checked until booking in a date with the plumber, this means if a rare delay does occur, you won’t be out of pocket for a day's worth of labour.


Ensure all Measurements are Correct 

Making sure you utilise the space in your bathroom of utmost importance, we can’t stress enough that you check all measurements are correct. We recommend using our online bathroom planner which will give you an accurate idea of spacing and layout.


Always Opt For Quality Ceramics 

Getting behind every decision and purchase can be a little daunting. Trying to find the balance between style and function can be a little difficult at times.

We recommend buying quality, simple-yet-stylish ceramics and fixtures which can be accessorised with different wall and floor decor. Quality white ceramics should feel relevant in years to come, and if you get a little fed up with your new bathroom, a quick toilet seat or tap change in a couple of years will make it feel brand new again.


Ensure That You Hire an Experienced Plumber

You may think that DIY will save you money but in the long run, a properly fitted bathroom will far outlast a poorly constructed one. Make sure when hiring a plumber/fitter that you do your research and get recommendations.

Family and friends are best for this as you can check out his/her previous work. Online recommendations are more popular than ever, with sites full of tradespeople with real reviews and ratings.

Good luck with your upcoming project, let us know how your renovation goes. We love to see our customers bathrooms so be sure to tag us in any Instagram posts or stories @victorianplumbinguk .



Megan is an expert bathroom blogger, she enjoys writing helpful DIY articles and bathroom inspo blogs. As well as specialist bathroom advice, Megan also shares expert how-to blogs with step by step guides.

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