Bathroom Catalogue Launch

By Greg

30th Apr 2013

3 mins read

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The Victorian Plumbing Spring 2013 Catalogue is filled with the best of contemporary and traditional bathroom design. Find out the latest on the launch of our first ever catalogue, with details on how to order your free copy.


The internet is a great place, you can get almost anything you want and it is easily accessible with almost every household having both computers and laptops, you can even access it on your mobile phones.

But, we think that people still appreciate something that is tangible, something they can hold, feel and touch. If you’re the sort of person that still loves to be able to sit down with the family or on your commute to work and read a magazine or newspaper, then you are exactly what we’re talking about. That’s why we have decided to bring out our very own catalogue. It’s the next best thing to actually jumping into a bath to get a sense of what it would be like in your bathroom.

So, now you can order our catalogue and keep it around the house for whenever you want it, rather than relying on a good internet connection or having plenty of credit on your phone. As we continue our growth as a leading online retailer in bathroom furniture, it is important for us to carry on discovering new ways in which to reach our customers. It is important for us to show our customers we understand their needs.

We have put together 68 pages of our biggest and best products to give you our favourite examples of what you can buy to bring your bathroom to life. It has all sorts of styles and designs so you can take advantage of top quality products and make a space that is unique to you. Including tips and advice throughout, to give you all you need and more, so you can pull off your dream bathroom the way you really want. We simply want to give you the best shopping experience we can offer and we believe that this catalogue will be beneficial to anyone currently thinking of renovating their bathroom or building a brand new one. We’re really excited to see what you think of it.

Let us know your thoughts once you've received your copy, anything you would like to see more/less of and anything else that comes to mind. Head over to the main site to request a bathroom catalogue.



Greg is one of our most regular bathroom bloggers here at Victorian Plumbing. He's always looking for the latest bathroom trends and styles and will be posting them here regularly. He'll also be posting practical 'How To' step-by-step DIY advice and reporting on his latest bathroom ideas at Victorian Plumbing.

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