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15th Nov 2022

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With the new moon approaching, we have decided to take a deep dive into the best bath time rituals for each star sign to help with mindfulness and ultimate relaxation.


You’ve probably seen research on what a Virgo’s favourite food is, or top relationship tips for Libra’s, but this year we have teamed up with top astrologer Inbaal Honigman to reveal the best tips and tricks for cleansing the soul as the new moon cycle begins.

bath time rituals


Fast and fiery, those born under the sign of the Ram are always active and devoted to fitness and exertion. Washing multiple times a day, a fuss-free precision shower is your cleanser of choice – step in, get clean, and check out. You love the exhilarating feeling of smashing a goal, and so race yourself to the finish line. A powerful 2-in-1 soap and shampoo will help shave vital seconds, and going for zingy aromas like cinnamon or bergamot will turn a quick rinse into a blazing Aries extravaganza of joy. And for days when even a shower is too much, a wide sink will provide all an Aries needs to keep revived and invigorated.

Takeaway for your star sign: Keep showering fun and swift with a zingy blast once a day.


Calm and peaceful, those born under the sign of the Bull thrive in their own personal space. Your ideal relaxation moment is when conditions are perfect – door locked, lights dimmed and the towel on the heater for later. A fan of conventional design, you favour a standard-size bath that’s easy to manage, and you bring your special touches of Taurus elegance yourself. A limited-edition candle here, a designer bar of soap there, you’re about to spend a good portion of the evening underwater, so you may as well come prepared. And goodness, is this a glass of red wine you’re taking in with you? Whether nighttime or daytime, the Taurus bath will take as long as it takes, so there won’t be anything scheduled after it.

Takeaway for your star sign: Take your daily bath to the next level by treating yourself to lux products.


Playful and sociable, those born under the sign of the Twins don’t need privacy in their lives. Most relaxed when they’re surrounded by people, even during bath time, they won’t bother with a locked door. A jacuzzi bath with a guest is already a party, and a good excuse to put some music on. A Gemini’s favourite bathroom accessory is a firm bathroom tray with a special groove for a tablet or phone, so they can video-call everyone and catch up on all the goss while they’re washing. Gemini loves to multi-task, so a waterproof TV and a bowl of snacks will help them feel like they’re making best use of their time in the bath. On busy days, a wash at the sink will do, because there’s really no time for a whole palaver - but they’ll be thorough as air signs like to feel fresh.

Takeaway for your star sign: Make sure you prioritise fun in the bath and keep yourself entertained with your favourite show and some snacks, to make the most of your bath time.


Family-minded and generous, those born under the sign of the Crab never do anything just for personal pleasure. They enjoy a long, deep bath, and like all water signs, love the feeling of water all around them, but they’ll stick to hypoallergenic cosmetics, just in case the kids want to use the same water afterwards. A Cancer can only relax if they know everyone else is looked after, so they’ll plump for warm temperatures rather than hot in case the cat falls in, and surround the bath with multiple fluffy towels and rugs, to ensure any visitors feel safe and welcome. Cancer is ruled by the moon, so a nightly bath with the window open, looking out at the heavens, is part of your wind-down routine.

Takeaway for your star sign: Let yourself be the centre of attention during bath time by blocking out the noise and enjoying a deep soak.


Proud and gorgeous, those born under the sign of the Lion honour every precious moment of peace in their spacious bathroom. They’ve got music playing, the air temperature is cranked to the max, whatever the weather, and the door is double locked and padded. Leos are known for luxurious hair, and that doesn’t just happen, it is nurtured. Masks, conditioners and potions huddle together inside their stylish cabinets, and their pamper is not complete without a chai fragranced bubbling bath slice and a fig scented candle on the side. A Leo knows how to treat themselves. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, so morning showers at dawn are essential.

Takeaway for your star sign: Be epic with your bathing like with everything else; masks, conditioners and fragranced bubble baths are the perfect way to elevate your bathing experience.


Tidy and organised, those born under the sign of the Virgin love getting clean. Virgo morning rituals include a thorough shower, then some time at the sink for a shave and moisturiser, a sustainable deodorant and a spritz of fresh perfume. The full works for the Virgo, even if time is tight. They don’t dry off until all their lotions and potions are back in order, lids tightly on. For a Virgo, everything is exact: water at body temperature, wash at the same time each day, take exactly five minutes, no distractions. The most relaxing thing a Virgo will do in the shower is a quick meditation and a hearty rendition of the chorus from ‘Hotel California’.

Takeaway for your star sign: Let consistency do the talking with your frequent functional showers at the same time each day.


Subtle and elegant, those born under the sign of the scales turn any mundane action into a ritual of beautification. For Libras, the science and art of bathing is a joy and a privilege, and they favour beautiful surroundings, such as an art deco bath or a concealed shower, opal-hued tiles, and gentle fragrances like lavender and verbena. A Libran bathroom is a pleasure to visit, whether it's a rinse day or not. The complex nature of a Libra, means your shower caddy will have multiple options for day soaps, evening soaks and a hair mask for every season.

Takeaway for your star sign: Why be basic when you can be beautiful, with a shower hour that's the envy of the whole zodiac, make sure your shower caddy is always fully stocked.


Unconventional and experimental, those born under the sign of the Scorpion love to keep things interesting. If there’s underwater lighting, black tiles and a corner jacuzzi, this might just be a Scorpio bathroom. Scorpios love a theme, so their entire bath experience will have resonance to one sense of style. A full Beetlejuice bath with soap spiders going on, a Christmas bath with glitter and presents, or a quirky spa experience with dozens of candles, a Scorpio won’t let boredom seep into an everyday task like bathing. Fascinated by darkness and mystery, a Scorpio will bathe under the dark moon, just to keep things unique.

Takeaway for your star sign: Have an unapologetically individual bath, no explanations needed.


Free spirited and adventurous, those born under the sign of the Archer like to turn everyday habits into a celebration of lights and flavours. Happy people who like to turn any occasion into a happy moment, Sagittarians will favour exotic colours in their showers, lots of natural light and some grown-up bath toys such as souvenir duckies or a mini basketball set. They’ll keep things interesting, some days going for a boiling bath, and some days a fresh shower with the window open. They love the unexpected, and even keep themselves guessing.

Takeaway for your star sign: Have a wash that liberates your spirits - a privilege, not a chore.


Business-like and lux, those born under the sign of the Goat take great care with their presentation. Looking and feeling refreshed equals looking good and feeling good, so their bath must be soothing and nurturing to their body and soul – cream and tan tiles, wooden accessories, and some comforting essential oils such as frankincense and oud. A hot, luxurious soak, followed by a spray of ice cold water, lets a Capricorn feel like the face and body of a wellness brand. Their self care also stations them at the sink once a day, with a face mask or some nail oil, to ensure wellness maintenance.

Takeaway for your star sign: Make sure you have a soothing and nurturing bath which will take care of both your body and soul.


Intellectual and humanitarian, those born under the sign of the Water Bearer prefer a pared-down approach. Sustainable solutions like bath sharing and eco-soaps will appeal to the Aquarian love of nature, and fresh colours and lots of glass décor will bring the outdoors in for Aquarius. Air signs enjoy feeling as if they’re out in the open, so an Aquarius likes to feel a little nippy and not too sleepy in the bath. When alone behind closed doors, an Aquarian likes to plan their next novel or solve world hunger, so being alert is an advantage. For environmental reasons, an Aquarian will sometimes choose a refreshing wash at the sink over a full bath of water.

Takeaway for your star sign: Treat bath time like you treat everything: respectfully and yet playfully, and opt for sustainable bathing solutions where possible.


Water signs love spending their time submerged, and so those born under the sign of the fish will feel most at home in a deep bath, filled to the top, and bubbling with aromatic seafoam. Ocean colours and scents will set the scene, for the Pisces is a true mermaid, perplexed by the ways of man. Teal and Aqua tiles, sea-salt soap and spirulina bath granules will help Pisces connect with their true selves. Their bath is warm and salty, and their towels are fresh and fluffy, for that real-life water-nymph vibe. Pisces are natural manifestors, so a bath in the light of the full moon is their monthly spell night, invoking love, success and future happiness.

Takeaway for your star sign: Let your bath time be your ritual time, a meditation in and of itself - full with bubbles and luxurious fragrances.

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