Art Deco Bathrooms 5 Easy Ways To Get That 1930s Bathroom Vibe

By George

8th Jun 2021

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With Art Deco designs seeing a big resurgence, we've taken a look at 5 easy ways you can add some stunning 1930s bathroom style to your own space.

Art Deco Bathrooms: 5 Easy Ways To Get That 1930s Bathroom Vibe

Is it just coincidence, or have our interiors tastes really gone full circle? Almost exactly 100 years on from the roaring twenties we’re starting to see a new boom in the popularity of Art Deco design.

It was the go-to look for high-end architecture through the 1920s and 1930s. World-famous buildings and ocean liners, such as the Empire State Building and the HMS Queen Mary, remain lasting symbols of the height of Art Deco design.

The en vogue look consists of symmetrical lines, geometric shapes, and rich tones. These all combine to create designs that are attractive without ever being too challenging or unusual.

It’s versatile too. Thanks to the simple elegance that they possess, Art Deco pieces can look at home in both modern and traditional settings. So, if you’re on the fence or simply don’t want to splurge on a full renovation, you can easily add as little or as many art deco fixtures and fittings as you like.

With this in mind, we’ve selected 5 areas of your space that you can easily tweak to adopt the Art Deco bathroom look.

Art Deco Tiles & Flooring

Art Deco tiles can serve as wonderful backdrops in all kinds of bathroom renovations. Take these sophisticated Victoria Metro Wall Tiles, for example.

Also known as ‘Subway’ tiles, metro tiles were a staple in all manner of public and private spaces throughout the 1920s and 1930s. Use them sparingly as a vivid splashback to a vanity unite. Or, alternatively set the tone by using them across entire walls to create a dreamy green art deco bathroom.

When it comes to Art Deco flooring, you can afford to pick something that seems a little more complex without abandoning the fundamentals of the look.

These Dalton Dark Blue Wall & Floor Tiles, for instance, feature an eye-catching geometric pattern that is subtle enough to act as a gorgeous base for an art deco bathroom.

Art Deco Basins & Taps

Basins are one of our favourite aspects of refined Art Deco bathrooms. Simply switching out your current basin for a glorious Art Deco basin can have a significant impact on your overall space. They can even act as focal points that immediately catch the eye, helping distract from any of your bathroom’s shortcomings.

With its sleek gullwing silhouette, the Silverdale Empire Art Deco Wide Basin is an exemplary Art Deco basin option. The full pedestal ceramic sink features those distinctive clean lines that are synonymous with the Art Deco look. It’s also available with either two or three tap holes, allowing you to match it with almost any tap you like.

Speaking of taps, Art Deco takes on regular basin taps are often just as enticing as the basins you pair them with. Our choice here? The Olympia Art Deco Basin Taps. These satisfyingly angular crossheads are constructed of solid brass and finished in sumptuous polished chrome. We’re particularly fond of the hexagonal shape of their casings and the wider opening of their spouts.

Olympia Art Deco Basin Taps
We're particularly fond of the way these Olympia Art Deco Basin Taps combine sleek curves with refined lines.

Art Deco Baths

Another simple upgrade, swapping out that tired old bath of yours for a sparkling new Art Deco bath can swiftly change the character of its surroundings. Art Deco baths can vary wildly in terms of design, with some taking on unconventional shapes and sizes. However, for consistency’s sake, our pick is the rather pared-back Old London Farringdon Double Ended Freestanding Bath. Just envisage it placed upon those fabulous Art Deco tiles we mentioned earlier.

Art Deco Bathroom Mirrors

Out of all of our recommendations, Art Deco Mirrors are likely the easiest to implement and can still work wonders to give spaces a big dose of that Art Deco flair. You’ll find a wide variety of designs in our bathroom mirrors collection, but this Silver Art Deco Mirror is our pick as it effortlessly epitomises the look.

Art Deco Accessories

Though you may struggle to believe it, you can actually transform a standard traditional bathroom into an Art Deco one without doing too much renovating at all.

Replacing all of the smaller accessories in your space with Art Deco-inspired pieces can infuse your bathroom with tonnes of 1930s charm.

Everything from robe hooks and shower curtains to wall-mounted tumblers and ambient lighting can be swapped for Art Deco bathroom alternatives.

Enjoyed our 5 tips on easy ways to create Art Deco bathrooms? Why not try our Inspirational Guide to Art Deco Bathrooms. For all other bathroom inspiration, stick with us here on the Victorian Plumbing Blog.



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